Monday, August 18, 2008

Roofers, Trials, Too Many Distractions

Hello Bloggerland,

Upon my mother's return from her vacation, I had assumed that she would spend all her time with ME. However, that has not been the case. It appears that a new roof was needed for our house. I didn't really mind the water leaking in occasionally, but, apparently, it made my mother rather distraught.

To remedy this situation, a roofing company was hired to perform the needed repairs. Well, they showed up on Thursday and Katie, Zorra, and I just had to voice our displeasure with these strange men crawling all over our house!! All three of us were commenting at once, since we all had something to say.

It is very tough work watching all these strangers beat on our roof. At times, I was epecting them to fall through the ceiling. I wanted to have a taste of a roofer butt!!

It is now Wednesday and they are cleaning up their tools, etc. I am not sure what we will do during the day now. I guess we will have to resort to our old habits of napping and lounging, witing for Mother to complete her work so we can play.

Katherine and Zorra competed in a USDAA trial over the weekend. Neither of the girls did very well. Mother didn't mind all that much, as Katie was trying to explain that she was so tired from barking all day. I am not sure that Mother was too thrilled about that explanation.

We are all going to do another trial this weekend. I cannot wait, as I am entered. Oh, how I will run around the course. Dogs and people will be amazed!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We're all thinking about Jackson right now. We are still thinking positive thoughts that he will kick this thing in the arse!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our thoughts

Hello Everybloggie,

First, we want everyone to wish Jackson luck and are sending good thoughts for him today.

We are so glad that our Mother is back and we can get back to blogging and visiting all our friends. We are eagerly trying to catch up on everyone's lives and what is happening. We have been totally out of touch.

Katherine and Zorra are quite distraught with my actions regarding Auntie and are insisting that I apologize. I should have acted more like a good boy while Mother was gone, and not left so many "presents." So, I am publicly telling Auntie that I am sorry, and I hope you do forgive your favorite nephew, me.

As you can see, I am filled with remorse. I hope that you believe how humble I am. Do forgive me, Auntie....

If that look doesn't work... maybe this look will??

Friday, August 8, 2008


Hurray! My mother is finally home from her trip to Maui. I only had time to take a quick photo of myself, but AUNTIE tried get in the shot with me... ignore her.

Auntie and I have had our difference during Mother's absence. Auntie was rather rude the other day and attempted to make me go outside ALONE to do my business. Well, I had just about enough of her nonsensical rules, so I decided to have some fun.

When she finally said I could come in, I started limping and holding my paw up in the air. Auntie grew concerned and kept searching for the reason for my injury. Of course, there was nothing wrong, but I managed one single tear to roll out of my eye. With that, Auntie immediately called Mother. I was positive that this escapade would bring Mother home ASAP. I heard Auntie tell Mother that I was injured, but she couldn't find what was wrong. My paw wasn't bleeding (I neglected to add the appropriate ketchup stain to my fur), and that I was holding it up in the air.

Then, I heard Auntie say "You must talk to him." And... MOTHER was on the phone with me. My plan worked!! Mother said she was returning home the NEXT day. Hurray!! Of course, I immediately told Katherine and Zorra the wonderful news. We all were excited!

And, true to her word, Mother DID return the next day. Although, all she wants to do is sleep. Something about jet lag??

Monday, August 4, 2008

Take over almost complete

Hello pals.....

As you know, since Mother has been gone on this so called "holiday," we (well, actually me) have been planning for the take over from Auntie.

I'd like to inform you that it is almost complete. We were able to force Auntie into calling mother and allowing us to voice our DISPLEASURE regarding her absence. It has been two weeks since mother stole away - distracting us with treats and toys.

I managed to enlist Zorra's help this evening as the final straw to tumble Auntie's shaky hold over us. I instructed Zorra to howl her best hound dog, mournful as it can be, wail every 15 minutes. After 45 minutes of this soulful singing, Auntie was on the phone to mother. AND, we all got to speak directly with mother to let her know how we felt. It worked. She said that she was coming home this week.

Ah, yes... it worked. Auntie is now completely under my control. IN fact, at agility practice on Friday, Auntie just let me do as I will. She didn't really attempt to plot a course for our run. I just ran, and ran, and ran, and run. I was running how I saw fit. It felt so good to stretch my legs and be out of her control. And, as already stated, we even got to go to a barkday party for our friend Deeva.

We anxiously await Mother's return, but are DELIGHTED that Auntie is now under our control. We break out of our confined area at will now, and do as we please. BOL! LIFE is good!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Shakey Regime

Hi Gang,

Auntie's regime is starting to shake. I predict that I will have complete control shortly. Auntie has kept us from the computer with internet access, but I was able to break into one while she was sleeping.

Of course, we wrote to mother while she is still on VACATION. She has been gone forever....

Hi Momy,
I hop u r havin fun in Meowie. things are good here. Auntys regeeme still holds, but Samy keeps workin on his plan.
Hi Mom!
things are GREAT! Of course, they would be greater if you were here, but we get to go to flyball tomorrow!!! isnt that GREAT?!?!?! Auntie thought that I was crying yesterday, but it turned out there was an eyelash n my eye! Auntie got it out. Isn't that GREAT?!?!
Have GREAT fun!
I've been thinking....
and thinking.....
and thinking...

Tonight, we celebrated our friend Deeva's barkday. Auntie and Auntie Debbie took us out for ice cream. Ah, it was wonderful. I will try to hack into Auntie's phone for the photos.

Unfortunately, ice cream and custard are one of Zorra's favorite treats. She is like a crack addict when she gets any. Her eyes become very, very wide and it is all she can think about! She is still muttering about more as we speak!

It is only a matter of a day or 2 until Auntie will crumble!!