Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Agility trial

Hi Kids!

Man, we have been b-u-s-y!!!  We have been doing a ton of agility trials lately.  And, one of our friend's mom took some great pics of us!  Wow, we were so happy and thankful for that!

Here is me coming out of the tunnel.  I gotta tell ya. I love tunnels. 

They are so fun, and you can get some super-sonic speed in them, too!  This is my mom's favorite pic of me, almost ever!  She says that it looks just like me, attitude and all.  I always run with a smile on my face, because I like to be with mom and do agility.  Although, mom and I don't always agree on what we should be doing. BOL.  Tough mom.. I am going to do what I want and there is nothing you can do about it!

Anyhooo, I got some qualifying runs that weekend, and finished up a title.  What fun.

Zorra takes an entirely different approach to agility that I do.  She thinks of it as serious work!  Like WTF (where's the fun?)!  She always has a very focused look on her face and very serious.  B-O-R-I-N-G, Zorra!!

She's also an over achiever.  Look how much air she got there.  She is just trying to suck up.  Groan....
I say.. skim over the top.  Cuts down on drag.

Then, I cut back the other way...  still keeping the drag low.  Less energy that way!  More energy for trash talking other dogs. BOL!!!

But, not for Zorra.  She's just one of those girls you wanted to kick their XXXXX (censored).  I don't know what she was thinking on this first jump, but it is like Michael Jordan time or something. Gimme a break!
She's running full out for this one.  I guess she's going to see if she can fly, again.  
See, she never smiles.  What is up with that.  She and I are gonna have a little chat!
Well, our friend's mom had to run with our friend during Sammy's runs, so no pics of him.  But, we just came back from another trial and the lady took a bunch of him.  So, stay tuned.  I am sure the bratty boy will have a ton of things to say.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spendid, I was

Hello Pals,

Again, long time no chatting from me. We have been extremely busy. We have been in the midst of agility trials, and FINALLY Mother came to her senses (what she has left of them) and remembered to send in MY entry. It is terribly frustrating that Mother always seemed to lose my entry, while Katherine's and Zorra's always made it into the envelope. I just contribute that to her senility. (Zorra here. MY comments are in red. I read this and needed to explain a few things that Sam seems to have stretched a bit.)

I primped the night before the first day of the trial. My mustache and goatee were perfect-o. I was really getting ready to see my one true love, Maizee. You may remember her from previous posts. (She cannot stand him. She really doesn't like him). I had heard through reliable sources that, she too, would be there competing. I thought I was quite the dashing young lad. My skills had been honed and I was ready to compete. I could not wait! (What a loser. He normally looks like this:)

However, Katherine got to go first. Age before beauty, as they say. There she is jumping through the tire. Oh, I suppose you could be impressed, but I knew most everyone at the trial (and especially Maizee, I hope) was really waiting for ME. After all, I am the mere picture of canine perfection.

I sat quietly meditating in my crate. (No he wasn't he was barking like a crazy dog. Auntie kept telling him to be quiet. He was soooooooo annoying).

I was ready to go, when Mother returned and said it was Zorra's turn. WHAT? How can that be?? (Because I am better than you, dogbreath). I watched Zorra zip and turn over jumps, tunnels, and teeters. I shouted out words of encouragement showing brotherly love. (No you didn't you were trash talking both Katie and me the entire time).

Finally, it was my turn. If only you, my friends, had been there. You would surely be amazed at my athleticism. I am sure that there has never been a dog as fine as I that day. I jumped, I lept, I climbed, I went through chutes, tunnels. I darted and dashed. Mother was so amazed at how well I did that she stood in the middle of the course speechless. (She was speechless, all right. She was amzed that you got some things right!!)

Everyone cheered me on. Oh, to bask in one's adoring fans admiration is something that cannot be described adequately. (OH brother, and I don't mean Sam). Mother was quite impressed with my actions and allowed me to continue competing for the entire weekend.

All were very impressed with my skills, and I assume Maizee was as well, as we were forced apart by stupid hoomans. Maizee sat on the other side of the trial site and I could not whisper sweet thoughts into her ear. (No one separated them. Mommi and Maizee's mom just didn't sit next to each other this time. What a whiner).

I was competing in the last run of the trial. I started out showing how handsome I looked flying over jumps, when all of the sudden, I got pee mail. Someone sent me a telegram right there on the course. I stopped to sniff it out. Mother was starting to turn various stages of red and purple by this point. She was insisting that I finish the course and leave ".... what ever you are sniffing... LEAVE IT). Well, as you all know my good friends, one cannot leave important pee mail. It needed an immediate response. So, I lifted my leg in response and.....

(He was dismissed from the ring BOL. Mommi was M-A-D. BOL.)

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi Kids.. we have been offline furever.

But, we're back, at least for a moment. We have been doing flyball, practicing agility, running, jumping, tweeting.....

Anyway, here is what Mom and I did on Saturday:

My mom and I are in the square dancing sequence. For those of you who don't know me, I the smaller looking golden retriever type dog. (My mom is dressed all in blue). You can fast forward it to about 4 mins left to see the square dancing.

I'm dancing with an Airdale named Ted. I kept asking him if he knew Maggie and Mitch, but he said no. Bummer. Then, I thought the Golden named Indy, who is across from me might know Amber Mae, but she said she didn't. Those two dogs don't even have a BLOG! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

The corgi is Maize (Sam's true love). Boy, did my mom and I have a great, great time. Well, enough for now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting back at mother

Pardon me pals... I was in the middle of my mudpie treatment and, well, I dug too deeply and now, I do not know where the Spa is.

Dirty Sam
I looked over there, and the spa isn't there.

But, cute
My feet, belly and beard have had the deluxe treatment.

I mean, he is filthy
Of course, the thought of Mother's face when she sees me will be priceless. We are at a bit of a war with each other at the moment. BOL. I wrote about our feud in a previous post. BOL.

Disgustingly filthy
Day at Mud Spa 1 day of digging
Tip for worker @ spa dozen kisses
Mother blowing her top PRICELESS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flyball Road Trip

Wow. Getting ready for a trip to Michigan! I have NEVER been there, although Zorra was last month for a big flyball tournament. I cannot wait. I had a GREAT time in Henry, IL a couple of weeks ago. Oh, yea.. well, I had a great time. Not sure Mom did.

You see, it is like this. I play by my own rules. If others want to follow what I say and do, then we will get along GRREAT. If not, then you have a problem, and I will tell you about it, of course.

I watch a lot of Nascar, and Tony Stewart is my favorite driver. You see, we live by the same philosphy sometimes.... If you ain't rubbin' - you ain't racin'.

In flyball, they have this B-O-R-I-N-G rule that all dogs should remain in their OWN lane. The dogs should systematically jump over the jumps in THEIR lane, get THEIR balls from THEIR box an run back to THEIR handler. Let me tell ya. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Oh, sure, I do the above in class. I have to do some trash talking to the other dogs to get in their heads before a run. I study dog psychology and know what to say to get in their heads and they give me a Wiiiiiiiide bearth most of the time. BOL.

But, in a tournament, I like to trash talk, of course, and then sometimes I like to go bump the other dog while they are running in their lane, getting their ball from their box. OH man, does my mom get mad! So what if I want to chase the other dog in their lane and try to get their ball before they do, and so what if I do a bump and run?

My mom is always saying something like blah blah blah, don't you want to be on the big dog team like Zorra and run in the big league? What's wrong with you? Do you want to only run in minor league?

I say.. Zorra, Smorra. She would jump off a bridge if you told her to, and I wasn't there to stop her. I say.. Run with Gusto, be your own dog, don't do what is expected, take everyone out who doesn't listen... those are my mottos.

Mom has a LOT to learn about flyball. BOL. Wish her luck.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mother thinks she's quite clever. She posted her to her own blog horrid lies about ME!

I am not very happy with Mother anyway, and I WILL leave her a nice present when she's not looking. Katherine, Zorra, and mother are going to a flyball tournament and I am not going. I am so distraught. Mother says I need to stay home and take care of Auntie and go to work.

HURMPH. THAT does NOT sound like a GOOD TIME MOTHER. I shall bite you when you return on Sunday. Until then, however, I will be the best boy possible, so that when you think of me, you will think of fond memories while I plan my revenge.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flyball, Award, etc

Hi pals!

Long time, no see. BOL. We have been busy going to flyball tournaments, with and without our mom. Well, Zorra has been going to flyball tournaments. I have only been to one recently. But, business first.
We did find this in our mailbox today. Wow! WE are honored.

Awarded by:Pet Supplies Place

Dogs Dog Beds Dog Toys Dog Supplies
Pet Store Pet Products Pet Supply Pets

Pet Directory - Candle&Crafts Company


We certainly have been neglectful of our pals, but have been tweeting a bit lately. But, training for agility and flyball has been a pretty high priority for us.

A few weeks ago, Zorra and I went to a flyball tournament and Zorra won her first Flyball title. It was very, very exciting! She was racing with three other dogs and did a great job for her first time. Sam and I went for moral support. I raced, but I raced just against another dog. I wasn't on a team. Sam is still in training, and didn't race at all. He was just along for the ride.

Two weeks ago, Auntie took Zorra to a flyball tournament with the team in Chelsea, Michigan. Zorra was pretty nervous since she was away from Mom and me. But, she tried really hard for Auntie. Zorra liked being with our Auntie Sharon, who also is one of our agility instructors. They all stayed in Auntie Sharon's RV and had a great time.

Last week, Zorra, Sam, Mom and our Auntie Becky all went to Henry Illinois for a U-fli tournament. We didn't run on a whole team, but I ran with another dog, Max. We ran pairs. We raced against another pair of dogs. We didn't win, but we chalked it up as a learning experience.

Zorra ran in single dog racing and had a personal best time of 7 seconds. Mom was very excited. In a week, we are going to Hastings, Michigan for a Nafa flyball tournament. Zorra is racing, and we are all going for moral support. We can't wait!!!!

Flyball rules!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is my Barkday!

Hi everypup!

Today is my birthday. Well, as far as Mom can tell. I don't remember when I was born, but she thinks it was probably around May 14, and that date was one of her good friend's birthday who passed away, so she thought it was a good tribute.

I am having a great day so far, and the best thing is Mom and I are going to agility practice! Woo hoo. She said I could have some custard on the way home!! I am so excited, 2 of my favorite things in one day. What a lucky girl!

WE have been practicing flyball really hard, as we have a big tournament in 2 weeks. I am going all by myself with Auntie. Oh no... mom can't go, but she said I could go if Auntie took me. I hope Auntie is up to the challenge. We are going all the way to Michigan. I have never been there before. I hope Auntie knows the way!!

Here are some new friends I met last weekend, too. I went with my mom to work, and we took a walk. Theys guys were strange looking!!! But, strangely, they reminded me of ... me? At least the ears, huh?

I wasn't too sure about them, but I got a little closer to see if they were pups or what! They had long ears and collars, but man, are they bizarre looking. They also didn't smell like pups.

Then, this one told me she was a G-O-A-T. Well, I am not sure what that mean, so I just looked at her funny. But, they were nice. I will probably go see them again next time.

Anyway, happy barkday to me!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

working, working

Hello Pals,

Spring sprung in Metamora, and we are back in the swing of things. Again, I must go help mother and grandmother run the store. It's hard work, but some terrier has to do it. Katherine and Zorra sleep all day, so I must go make a living to support them and our hobbies.

One bright spot of working in Metamora is there are many, many things to see and do. Mother wanted to have a photo op over by the old sitting tree. OH, I managed to sit still for a moment and grace her with my photo.

We have been practicing our agility and flyball quite a bit, and we walked a few times with Auntie while she was training for the mini-marathon. We are so excited to let you know that she completed it! We are so proud. Now Mother must fork over some cash to the Indy Husky rescue for our cousin Avery's honor. BOL. Mother doesn't mind though, she is proud of Auntie, as well.

On a sad note, I recently learned that one of my mentors, Ralph, and very athletic and mischevious WFT went to the rainbow bridge. We are unsure of the details, but it was way too soon. He used to advise me on how to really make the hoomans crazy on the agility course by going right up to a jump or tunnel, then taking off at the last second to go to the corner and bark at someone. Good thoughts go out to his mom and dad and his sisters..... RIP Ralph, we barely knew ye.

We hope that we can chat, blog, and visit more often now. Mother isn't going to India and she promised not to hog the computer so much. After all, we need a voice! We'll be by to visit all of you soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Auntie is walking in her first 1/2 marathon tomorrow in Indianapolis. We certainly wish we could be there to bark her on!

We are terribly proud of Auntie for working so hard to walk in the mini! Woofs to her!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are MAD.

Ok, Mom has been busy and is a computer hog - what does that mean to us? NO BLOGGING! Well, we have been sorta busy, too. But, more on that later. Right now, Zorra, Sam and I are MAD.

Last night on our last runaround before going to bed, I did a little bit of hunting. When Mom called us in, I brought in my trophy. A nice, fresh rabbit. You know what she did? She had the nerve to yell at ME. Can you believe it?

I dropped my treasure right on the kitchen floor. Zorra and I were really ready to start snacking, but Mom made us go into another room. Sam was still waiting to go do his business and he wanted to see the prize too. He thought perhaps I would share (NOT).

Anyway, while we were all in other parts of the house, somehow Mom took the rabbit and did something with it. I have searched EVERYWHERE for my rabbit. Zorra, Sam, and I have searched the house, outside and everywhere we can think. Mom musta put it up for later, although that wasn't very nice. I worked hard for it.

So, I am going to sulk. :(

But, on a bright note Mom is in charge of our flyball team website. You can look at it by going here, if you want. We went to one tournament already and Zorra got her first Flyball title. She's pressy excited about that. I'm not racing on the team yet because I would just rather crash into other dogs and run like Nascar. So, I only run by myself or with one other dog. Sam is STILL in training, too.

We will be getting around to everyone's blogs to get caught up. See you all soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

?? Flyball ??

See my face. I have my game face on. I am going to be in my very first Flyball team tournament this weekend. I am IN THE ZONE.

Where is my mom????? She's still in India! W T Heck!! She better get her #@#@ butt back here. I will leave without her!! I have been training for this moment for 3 years.

I am ready. I have my trash talk down. I am confident and I will run faster than any other beagle/foxhound mix EVER.

If you see my mom in the airport, tell her to hustle her bustle back to the US. We have to leave on Friday!

Katie says not to worry that mom will make it back. She better!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, our mother has gone missing again. We are not happy. Her boss sent her overseas to India and left us in the "care" of Auntie. As you can see, we're not real happy.



I intercepted this email that "Auntie" sent her friends. I was shocked by its contents......

Okay you all have seen him and commented on how much you think he is is your opportunity to rent him for almost TWO WEEKS!

Just think you could be living for two weeks with the following:

SMOOCHES anytime you want them.
"Hi-dy Hi" whenever you say his name.
TONS of exercise throwing a toy or ball at least 500 times a day.
"Presents" whenever you leave him by himself for more than 2 minutes.
A dog that knows rally, agility, and some flyball.
A dog that can alert you to a storm over 200 miles away! Just think, it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!
Recently groomed--Just think...less hair.
He is not an early bird, you really don't have to get up before 9. He doesn't like to wake up in the morning.

You MUST return him on Thursday, March 26th so his mom does not found out.
You must take and run him in agility class the next two Mondays. Don't worry, he just runs around the ring for Jonna, too.

200 dollars (scratch that)
50 dollars (scratch that)
Okay, okay I will give YOU 10 dollars + food + I might throw in one of the others (not Zorra).

Just let me know!


P.S. I am totally kidding, but he is driving me NUTS! Sam is what happens when you spend 24*7 with a dog and have to leave him for almost 3 weeks. Poor guy.

Poor Auntie. So naive. Wait until she sees what I do now!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bored days

What do you want to do today, Zorra? Beat up Sam? Tear up the couch some more, field dress a few stuffies?

I know, let's play bitey face. That's always fun. But, don't bite aunties toesies, or she will yell!

For fun, I am also going to bite Mr. Moon. What fun!!

I want Mr. Moon, Katie. My turn!

Listen, Katie... I said Mr. Moon is MINE!

I am going to get Mr. Moon back if its the last thing I do!!

OH my goodness. I have let the wiles of Mr. Moon take over me. I am getting out of control.

That's right, Zorra. Let's leave Mr. Moon alone for a while and just hang out together....

Bitey face.. bitey face.. our favorite game....

Ah... my plan worked splendidly.. Mr. Moon is MINE at last!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello Pals,

It has been sooo long since we have blogged. I wish we could say that we were traveling the world searching for adventure to explain our absence. But, no. We have remained home.

We went to a couple of agility trials. Oh, how fun that was!! I, of course, did splendidly. And, for a change, Mother agreed. I took pity on her for one run, and actually did as she requested. And, I made her very happy when I received a ribbon for qualifying.

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, and I found it quite fitting to sniff out something interesting.

And, did you know that he had a dog named Fido? Here is an old time photo of the fellow.

Rumor has it that he had the run of the house, and lived inside. But, he did not like the hustle and bustle of Washington, so he was given to a family who lived in Springfield, Illinois under the stipulation that he lived inside and was given special treats. How sweet!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogging and Digging

Mom has been super busy with work since before Christmas, and well... that is not great. She hasn't paid a lot of attention to us lately, and hasn't let us blog or nothing. So, as they say... idle paws are the devil's workshop.

So, what happened when mom let us play outside for the afternoon, unattended in the backyard? Sam decided to become a mudpie baker. We had a lot of fun playing mudpie baker. But, Sam REALLY had fun.

It started to get dark, and Mom called for us to come in. I guess Sam forgot to wash up like the rest of us before Mom saw him..........

Here he is trying to explain what transpired over the afternoon.

Mom was really not happy, especially since Sam has WHITE fur on his legs. You know, I tried to step in and say that Joe Stains is the king of a certain KIND of stains, but surly Sam is at least the crown prince of mud stains.

Yea, here he is.... trying to look like a good boy that just got his with mud. Nothing of HIS doing, of course.

When Mom saw HOW muddy he was, she about fainted. He had it caked all over. He had big, fat droplets of mud on him. Auntie could barely lift him up because he was so mud caked!
I told Mom that we should just get a sand blaster for him. She didn't think that was too funny. Obviously, no sense of humor!

So, off Sam and Mom went. There was splashing, yelling, yelping, strange sounds from the bath. I guess there was some really hard scrubbing going on.

But, when they emerged, Sam was back to normal. Here is is at the agility trial a day later.

We'll write about the agility trial with our next post!