Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hiya... happenings

Hiya kids!

We finally wrangled the computer away from our mom... don't be bothered with that screaming or anything coming from the garage. We just locked her out so we could post. She never gives up the computer much anymore... she is "supposedly" working. WHATEVER. We need to post......

While mom is working, we get b o r e d with not much to do. I was lying around on the couch... but that got boring. REALLY boring. I am going to go check on Mom. Maybe she's not working.

You are STILL working??!! That is just not fair. Where is my time. Me and you?? Just us? Do you even remember who I am???

I guess I will go lie on the couch in the den. I just can't get comfy.....

Sam get up!!! Let me boss you around and take all your toys! Sam says he's sleeping and doesn't want to play. What a BABY!

C'mon Zorra.. Let's WRASSLE!!!

She says she schnoozing too. Whassup with all this @#@$@$@. I need some interaction!

I even tried to get into a theoretical conversation with Ruthie, who owns my grandpa. Ruthie wasn't seeing my point of view and immediately turned around and went to sleep!

THEN, my mom says.. C'mon Katie. We gotta go! I was like WOW. Let's do it!

We went to a pet expo to do an agility demo to help promote our training center. Now, Mom didn't get any photos of me doing anything, but she did get some of our buddies!

Here is Duffy on the teeter-totter. He and his mom did a great job. And, this photo below is Deeva, Duffy's big sister. She was there to do some agility, too. They are two of my pals from agility trials, and agility, rally, and flyball classes.

This blur is Jet, a min pin. He goes really fast. Mom didn't have on flash, so the speed of the camera was a little slow, but it really makes Jet look like a blur. BOL.

The pet expo was GREAT. I won a bag of really good dog food, got some great treats and mom even bought ME some new toys and leashes. I had a great day!

But, then, we came home and now I am bored...

But, I think I will just rest my eyes for a MOMENT.