Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello Mates

Ah, hello my fellow readers. I hope you are all rolling in bountiful treats, toys and lots o' pets from your hoomans.

I have decided that I wish to write my memoirs. I have many, so I should get started soon. As you can see below, I have already sent it off to the publisher for the first printing. I truly look smashing in my portrait.

I shall write about my good pal, Andy Warhol. I helped inspire some of his work. As you can see below, his portrait of me "Terrier in Arms" was quite a hit with the crowd. People pushed into the gallery to see his interpretation of ME, Sam. The piece sold for 75 gazillion dollars and Andy became a household name. It was bought by a private collector who signed a confidentiality agreement that he would not sell my likeness to any ne'er do wells.

I'll also tell everyone the heartwarming story of how I inspired the first graffiti competition. Here is a snapshot of the two chaps who spray painted their way to fame.

Here is my good friend, Victoria or as she's more well known, Posh Spice. We dated briefly, until I had to break her heart. She insisted that I become exclusive. My goodness, how can I not allow other lovely, lovely ladies the chance to be wined and dined by me, Sam. As you can see, she carried a photo of me everywhere, until she met that football player, whatshisname Beckman Blecham, BooBoo. Obviously, just a rebound relationship on her part.... that fellow will never amount to much, you know.

I did leave her with some chocolates. I said, Poshy.. do eat something. You're too thin.

Oh no, the publisher called and wants me to start on my book tour soon. I'll have to start thinking of a sequel to my memoirs. Will write soon.

As always, your faithful terrier,