Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello bloggerdoggers,

Well, things are AMUCK around here. Our mother escaped and has gone missing. She hopped on a plane and is with one of her friends in Maui, Hawaii.

She sent us this photo this morning with some sort of an apology for leaving us for so long. She is not returning for several days!

She has left us alone with Auntie. Oh, I am sure it will not be had to overthrow Auntie's regime. It is rather loose. However, it will take proper planning and cunnint on our part.

Friday, July 18, 2008

My job

Tomorrow, I must go back to work. My two week vacation is over. I will, again, be forced to do menial labor.....

I'm forced to take my breaks on the bare floor with no food, drink, etc. Woe is me.

HEY, who took that photo. Well, obviously, this photo was taken after I contact the WFT shop dog union.

I have made some new friends since my last post. Here are my friends, the Duckys.

They talk ALOT, more than I do. I always want go have an intelligent, in depth conversation with them. But, everytime I rush to their sides, they jump into the water and swim off to the other side of the canal. I am sure that this is just an initation into their exclusive club, and soon they will welcome me with open wings.

I also like to do my part by promoting photo-ops so all the tourists can stop and take my photo next to certain landmarks of the town. Here I am flashing my award winning smile in front of some flowers in town. I am a very good ambassador for Metamora, IN.

Here is one of the doors into our store. Since I am a buyer for the store, I have incorporated several dog related items and we will add more this year.

As you can see, my work is never done. After all, I must support Katherine and Zorra.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our weekend

Hello Pals,

We are back, and are barely rested up from our adventures.

First things first. Zorra was NOT eaten by a bear. There were NO bears in our vicinity and we managed to come unscathed through a dreadful thunderstorm, where I spent my time in my safe bomb shelter/crate. The tent flapped wildly, the girls were not nervous, and we remained dry. I,of course, stayed in the bombshelter ready to call 911 in case of any emergencies.

We spent a delightful 2 dayss in East Fork Park in Ohio. Mother wasn't extremely happy with the camp sight, since it was all out in the open, be we got used to it after a few hours. The reason for our camping trip was, of course, for an agility trial.

Oh, I did splendidly, as you know. In fact, I was in such a good mood - I listened to my mother for a brief instant and actually decided to tease her and do a qualifying run. Well, the only reason that I did is because our cousin Calvin was with us. He was there for his agility debut. After he Q'ed on his run, I decided that there was NO way I was going to allow him to carry on and on about that! So, on that first run the 3 of us that were entered all Q'ed.

Friday.... that was our shining moment when all of us, but Zorra, (who was probably worried about being an entree to a bear) Qed. Katherine told mother last week not to keep her paws crossed. And, we all lived up to that. BOL.

Although, I was much better listening to mother over the weekend. Well, I believe it was because I was tired of hearing her whine about my selective hearing. News flash mother. I am a WFT!! I am not supposed to listen. My mother is very, very daft at times.

Mother thought she had solved the posting video problem by purchasing a special cord for the camcorder. But, she is too daft to figure it out. So, maybe she will try again to have the video uploaded.

(Don't hold your breath)......

Thursday, July 10, 2008


My mommi just said we are going camping. I don't know if you guys know this, but I hate camping. I would rather....

Cuddle on our dog couch with my mommi.



The only good thing is we will be doing agility.

I jsut hope we don't get eaten by a bear......We will see you when we return.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hi everybloggie,

I don't know about you, but I am tired of Sam's whining about a job. I have to work EVERY day, not just Saturday or Sunday. After all, someone has to keep all these pups, humans and kitties in line!

Besides celebrating July 4th this weekend, we also had a dog agility trial. Let's just say that it didn't go well, and... well, mom doesn't even want to talk about it. We all did horrible.

But, hey.. it was HOT on the day we went. Who wants to run when it is hot? Not me! After all, my breed is from Canada and I like it cooler AND rainy or snowing. That is my optimum time!

Sam didn't mind running around like an idiot in the heat. But, what really got mom going was when he spied 3 of our friends across the field and went over and stared at them through the fencing. He was trying to get them to come over and play. But, they didn't. Anyway, mom had to go pick him up and carry him off the field. Oopsie.

We are going to another trial this weekend, and our Cuzin, Calvin, is making his agility debut! We are all very excited about that. Calvin says that he will out perform that little shrimp, Sam.

Don't tell Zorra, but we are going camping, too!! Hurray! That is GREAT. I LOVE camping. We are going with our agility pals Deeva and Duffy. We are going to have a great, great time. Zorra will probably stick like glue against mom's leg like a big baby. She doesn't think camping is GREAT.

We told mom that we would try to do better this weekend, but not to have her paws crosses. BOL.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Weekend

Hello Pals,

As you know, I was forced to get a job. Well, NOW, not only do I have to work, Mother made me dress up for July 4th.

Oh, I guess I willingly obliged.

I got into the celebration and started meeting all the customers at the door to give them a personal tour of our store.

I work very hard to personally assist all our customers to find the souvenir that they NEED to take home with them to remember our personally meeting.

As you can see, I am quite exuberant in my greetings. I do want our customers to enjoy meeting me.

We were working on July 4th, which is a GRAND holiday. Everyone is in a good mood, and there are all sorts of celebrations, parties, and all.

Wait... what is that?

OH MY!!!! It is a PARADE!!

It brings a song to my heart.. I looooooooove a parade.This parade didn't have any bands, or rat a tat tat of a drum. but, it did have some interesting things.

I think this guy left half of his truck in the garage!

This was a very small parade, and this was the ONLY float!! I should have volunteered to join them. I would have been fab on the float.

Look at this overgrown duck! Good thing Katherine wasn't here today. She's a duck toller.

You all met my friend, Horse last time. Here he is all decked out in his patriotic garb.

What a grand day this was. I enjoyed in immensely.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Work Work Work

Oh, hello pals.

My mother has forced me to get a JOB! I know you are all in shock, as I am. We go to our grandparents' store on the weekend. Usually, it is Grandmother, mother and me.

As you can see, I work in most horrible conditions with no treats, water, etc.

Well, that is the wrong photo. I did get some nutrition by having a few spoonfulls of yogurt.

You have to watch out for strange transportation.

Sometimes, I have to give a shout out to this horse to keep him in line!

I work security, you know. My job is very dangerous and I have to stay alert. I greet everyone as they come to the cash register to buy something for Grandmother. I always watch to make sure that the customers are behaving properly. I will write more of my story later. Since we only have access to the computer for a short time, Zorra wants to say something as well.

Zorra would also like to give a Happy Birthday out to Gabe. Today is his own hooman barkday! Happy Barkday, Gabe!