Saturday, March 29, 2008

Floppy Friday

Hello bloggerland.....

Here's what we did on Friday:

Our mother was working hard today, but not enough... She stopped in the middle of the day for a quick photo shoot with only Katherine. NOT FAIR, I say. I am more photogenic that she!!!

This was a nice photograph of my sister, but I will never tell her!!! I will just have to wait for my very own photo shoot!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Splodin stuffie

Look what happened. I had heard of this fee-nom-i-nom before on other bloggies, but it had NEVER happened in our house before.....Splodin stuffie!!! AS you can see, I was being very good and was sleepin. I often sleep lying just like this. My head up. See, my eyes are almost closed, because I was sleepin. And, um.. yea.. this photo was taken at the exact time that the stuffie sploded and, yea.. umm.. my eyes got woke up..

See, the blast scared me and I jumped away from it.

Wow, did anyone ELSE hear that loud splodin? Scared me.. right Katie, how about you?

Oh.. you didn't hear it. How about you Sammie... you didn't hear it either? And, there is stuffin only spread around me? hmmm.

I don't know nuffin' aobut no splodin stuffies. I didn't accidentally-like grip it between my teeth and paws and just pull it apart. THAT would be dangerous. I didn't take it in my mouth and shake it really hard, either. I wouldn't do anything like that, because that would be dangerous.

This was obviously a stuffie that was probably recalled, and our mommi didn't get a warning about it or nuffin. At least that is my story and I am stickin' to it. It's the stuffies fault for jumpin up in my mouth!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh, she has done it now!

Sometimes, I cannot believe the length my mother will go to save a few dollars, or her back. Never mind it might humiliate, me, her only WFT extrodinaire!

Mother seems a bit preoccupied with my mudfur. I had it caked quite nicely on myself. She had sent veiled threats for several days, but I thought all this silly talk of a bath would blow away like the wind.

On Mondays, Katherine, Calvin, and I all attend agility class. Auntie was riding with us for a change. We normally take Calvin with us so Auntie doesn't have to drive home to pick him up before class. When we arrived at the normal place we turn to go to our classes, Mother went straight instead.

Well, we were ALL certain that Mother had flipped her lid and had suddenly forgotten how to get to agility class. We all knew this day was coming, and Katherine wasn't peering over Mother's shoulder as she normally does, so I was blaming Katherine for getting lax on the job.

We turned a block later. And, ended up here:

This so-called Pet Wash was located in a CARWASH. Can you believe that my Mother took me to a carwash for a BATH. I was just livid. How could any dog of my stature be so humiliated by being bathed in a CARWASH. We all know I am like a Ferrari, but I deserve go to the SPAW, to be catered to. NOT to go to a self-serve car/pet wash.

My mother grabs me out of my seat and is saying something regarding "Oh, it looks quite respectable, Sam. Don't be such a whiner! Look there's a nice tub, a ramp, etc.

I was NOT convinced and when she plopped me in the tub and attached the leash to my collar, I looked around this "establishment." OMD. What is that DIAL?!!

I hope it doesn't say HOT WAX. I certainly intend to keep all my fur!!! Disinfectant? What? De-SKUNK? What is she going to do to me??!!

OH, I am totally humiliated, and can only hope that none of my dog pals can see me here at the car/dog wash.

I do have to say that the water was warm. Not too hot, and not too cold. It did come from the sprayer in a nice, gentle fashion. But, still. Where is my favorite stylist? Where are the treats???

After SHE had finished scrubbing me raw and spraying me off with the misty hose, my mother blankly looks around and says.. Oh Sammie, I forgot your towel.

WHAT? Will my turmoil never end? She switches the dial over to DRY and attempts to dry me off with a hose that has air coming out of it. OH NO, I say and I start bounding around, trying to get away from it. Unfortunately, I am still tethered to the tub and cannot move. So, I did the one thing that would make HER stop it. I started shaking.

That did it, Mother finally relented and turned off the stupid dryer and brought an end to my suffering. I ended up wrapped up in Auntie's coat, since it was still cold here for a spoiled, wet dog. Thanks goodness for Auntie, is all I have to say.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hoppy Easter

I like being corny by wishing everyone Hoppy Easter. We had a photo shoot today...........

I love dressing up and modeling for Mom. I think it is great!

Sammie likes to dress up, too. He was asking for pointers. Unbelievably the bunny ears were a bit too big for his fat head and he needed assistance in keeping them on.

He finally got a shot he liked.

Zorra DOES NOT like to dress up or model. She did not have nearly as much fun as we did. She was also not amused that our Cousin Cal chewed up one of the cushions on our couch in our room. I just said.. Don't worry be hoppy! BOL. I crack myself up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New, Favorite Game

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a rather boring day, yet again. We had to stay in since it would NOT stop raining and raining.

In fact, we were bored out of our minds and where looking for trouble. But, our Auntie came in and said "Who wants to walk on my back?!" We weren't quite sure what she meant, but when she laid down on the floor, we all went to investigate. WE were not sure what was going on, because Auntie never, ever gets on the floor with us.

Katie and Zorra went over to sniff her and took it as an oppotunity to give her tons of kisses. I certainly thought that she wanted to play fetch. I kept bringing her toys to throw.

Then, I decided that a fun game would be to jump over Auntie from side to side. I did that for a few jumps, and then I thought to myself "What would be even more fun?" Using Auntie as a launching pad. Oh, that was fun. I picked up my toy and jumped from one side of Auntie to the other, always landing right in the middle of her back. Mother started laughing so hard there were tears rolling down her cheeks. I was trying to get in on the joke, but I was too busy trying to help Auntie play our new favorite game.

Soon, she was screaming, "ENOUGH, ENOUGH." I naturally assumed she wanted me to continue, so I went faster and faster. I had a grand time, and I was sure that Auntie was too.

Then, very quickly, Auntie grabbed my toy and threw it across the room. I, naturally, went to fetch it back, but by the time I returned Auntie was no longer lying on the floor eager to play our favorite game.

Auntie is quite the party pooper.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Very, Very, Very sad.....

We were very behind in our blog reading and just learned Lacy Lulu is at the Rainbow Bridge.

Lacy was one of our very first friends in bloggerland. We are very upset and just want to take time to honor her life and all the wonderful things she said and did for other animals and humans, too. We have never met a pup who is more loving to everyone than Lacy.

Run free and happy, Lacy. You will be missed. Love and licks.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain and Drama

Oh brother, we are having some drama right now. It has been raining all day and Sammie is just SURE it is going to storm really bad. He is getting himself all worked up over it and is pleading with mommi to build us some sort of a bomb shelter... underground.. right now. She tried to explain to him that it wasn't something that we could go build at night, in the rain. He wasn't really taking "NO" for an answer. He kept going back and forth, trying to find his own personal bomb shelter, but none seemed safe.

He really started pleading with her and giving her the sad, sad eyes. But, mommi was pretty firm. She said we would have to dig a HUGE hole in the yard, much bigger than any we already had started construction on. And, all of us would have to fit, not just mommi and Sammie. (Sammie was trying to ditch us!!) So, Sammie continued trying to find the perfect place to hide. He got under the desk for a while when mommi was working, but she did not like that AT ALL. She kept accidentally kicking him while she was working. Of course, Sammie was telling her that we should all take cover.

THAT is when mommi lost her cool exterior. She told Sammie to go to and look at the radar.

We live where the big, red dot is on the map. We aren't even in the storm box near to bottom of the radar, but that didn't calm Sammie down at all. It really just made it worse. He's gone to hide in the closet, in the back, and dig a bomb shelter out through there.

Meanwhile, Katie and I are gonna catch some shut-eye......

You can look at our mommi's ABC Wednesday photos here, if you want to.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The weekend

Hi everbloggie,

This weekend, we didn't have anything planned, and I was bored. I woke up on Saturday and thought "Hey, what am I going to do today?"


I decided that I would squeek on my toy a bit.

Then, I would squeek it some more.

Ruthie was getting annoyed at the noise.

Zorra was sitting on Auntie's lap, and telling her that my squeeking was annoying.

But, then Zorra saw how much fun I was having and wanted to join in.

Sam wanted to join in.

I guess I wasn't so bored after all.

St. Patty's Day Greetings

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Treat and a new walk of life

Hello all,

I have won, yet again, the chance to blog as I have the most to say today. First, I was delighted to hear that I had won a special treat from my Texas pals, Sparky, Cricket and Ginger. I had entered a photo contest and correctly guessed the mysterious stranger. There were other winners, too. I was not the only one. I won this very tasty treat, which I reluctantly shared with my sisters. THANK YOU, PALS!!!

I also started a new class last night. It is Rally-O. It's similar to obedience, but more fun, as they say. Anyway, I have been selected to go to class. MOther feels that if she can attend with me and get something out of it, Katherine and Zorra can learn only with her. We shall see. I am worried about Mother, actually. With this Rally-O, you have to READ signs on the floor. I am not sure that my mother can actually read that well. She kept asking the teacher questions! At one point, the teacher said, "well, I have never seen anyone do it quite like that, but it is allowed that way." Oh my! We are in trouble already!

I am afraid that Katherine may have to go with Mother at times, as it may be too much for me to actually see how dim-witted my mother can be sometimes. Oh, now we have to go do our homework so we can catch up with the rest of the class. Actually, MOTHER has to go do her homework. I, of course, am spectacular.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dusting out the cobwebs

Hello everyone,

Our mother has hogged the computer for DAYs! Even to go sooo far as to post photos on her own blog for ABC Wednesday, when we had NOT posted in eons. I immediately advised her that this was totally inappropriate behavior!

That is a photo of Zorra and I pouting on the sofa.

Katherine, Zorra, and I all had an CPE agility trial this past weekend. Everyone did very well. Katie and Zorra received qualifying runs toward those silly titles. And, as you know, I prefer the more "nomadic approach" to agility. I ran and ran and ran. My mother didn't find it as fun as I did, and mostly just stood in the middle of the course next to the judge. Other people thought I was rather humorous and laughed at my antics.

By Sunday afternoon, I was getting quite tired and just decided to give my mother a little present and I ALMOST completed the course. Even the judge said I was getting better. To that, my mother laughed and carried me off the course. I delight in making my fans happy. BOL. Mother hasn't forgotten about posting videos to the site. She just hasn't had time to figure it out.

We have been looking at our friends' blogs, and noticed that we needed to make something creative. Our mother has made many things to see in stores, online, and even when she, too, was nomadic and traveled to do arts and crafts shows. We'll post a few over the coming days.

This is one of our personal favorites, especially Zorra. She loves a good mat/blanket to snuggle on.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Various ponderings for today

The time has finally come when I, too, shall compete again in agility. Mother and I have been practicing quite a bit, but I am still not sure the daft woman understands that I shall pick the course, and not some feeble minded human. We have a trial this weekend. We are all participating and our friends are questioning Mother's sanity for running with all three of us.

I do have to say that my favorite obstacle (as they say in the agility world) is the A frame. I LOVE it. I love to climb up and down it. But, I must tell you the absolute special part of it, is when I can look down on my mother from the apex! You can really see her turn the brightest shade of red, especially when it is the 4th or 5th time I have climbed it in a row! BOL.

Zorra has finally mastered what she refers to as her arch nemesis the ..... TEETER TOTTER. Although she is not yet as quick as I am, she has managed not to stand in the middle and be frightened to move. So, hurrah for my sister. I, on the other hand, run completely to the end as quickly as I can. I like the feel of falling through space and the loud BANG at the end.

Katherine was at an agility trial with Mother last Sunday. I still question my mother's sanity for not taking ME. Katherine really didn't want to do agility on Sunday and she told me that Mother was in a tizzy as to why Katherine didn't want to participate. Katherine told me that it was just because. Always leave Mom guessing, is her motto. Mother was all ready to just pack it up and go home before the last run, but decided since the money was already paid, that she and Katherine should just give it a go. Well, Katherine decided that she would try to complete the course this time, and bam.. she got 2nd place. Again, Katherine's motto is always leave Mom guessing.

Now, we are considering Rally-O classes. It is a cross between Obedience and agility. We may do that. It sounds like a splendid time.

Of course, Mother says if I leave any more stains in the house, that I'll never get to go anywhere again. Oh, pish posh, I say. If she would take me everywhere she goes, we wouldn't have this problem, would we Mother.

Speaking of which, I am watching Mother now as she is buzzing around the house. It appears that she is getting ready to leave and she has my leash. Yippeeee.. but.. wait... she has a towel... and shampoo... oh no...... HELP

Monday, March 3, 2008

'Tis not to be

Oh, friends...

February 29th came and went... Even though I saw Maizee on that day, she did not ask me to marry her. Sigh... Mother said that it happens sometimes, that a girl may just not see how truly wonderful I am. She also said that maybe Maizee doesn't want to settle down at the moment. Oh, all right, Mother. I shall go on.

Unfortunately, I will have to see her this weekend at the CPE agility trial. I will perform to the best of my abilities so she was get a twinge of guilt when she sees my athleticism!

I was depressed for a whole 2 minutes. But, I started flirting again with all the girls on Saturday! You can't keep a good dog down!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Award - Cool Site of the Day.

Hi Kids,

We're going to be busy this weekend, but we did want to tell you one thing. We got to be the cool dog site of the day for March 1!

You can check it out here. And, if you remember, you can vote for us to have the cool site of the month here (once they have updated to March).

WE had agility practice yesterday and flyball practice last night. Not only that, I am going to an agility trial on Sunday! Our mom is TIRED, but we are still ready to go!