Thursday, March 26, 2009

?? Flyball ??

See my face. I have my game face on. I am going to be in my very first Flyball team tournament this weekend. I am IN THE ZONE.

Where is my mom????? She's still in India! W T Heck!! She better get her #@#@ butt back here. I will leave without her!! I have been training for this moment for 3 years.

I am ready. I have my trash talk down. I am confident and I will run faster than any other beagle/foxhound mix EVER.

If you see my mom in the airport, tell her to hustle her bustle back to the US. We have to leave on Friday!

Katie says not to worry that mom will make it back. She better!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Well, our mother has gone missing again. We are not happy. Her boss sent her overseas to India and left us in the "care" of Auntie. As you can see, we're not real happy.



I intercepted this email that "Auntie" sent her friends. I was shocked by its contents......

Okay you all have seen him and commented on how much you think he is is your opportunity to rent him for almost TWO WEEKS!

Just think you could be living for two weeks with the following:

SMOOCHES anytime you want them.
"Hi-dy Hi" whenever you say his name.
TONS of exercise throwing a toy or ball at least 500 times a day.
"Presents" whenever you leave him by himself for more than 2 minutes.
A dog that knows rally, agility, and some flyball.
A dog that can alert you to a storm over 200 miles away! Just think, it could SAVE YOUR LIFE!
Recently groomed--Just think...less hair.
He is not an early bird, you really don't have to get up before 9. He doesn't like to wake up in the morning.

You MUST return him on Thursday, March 26th so his mom does not found out.
You must take and run him in agility class the next two Mondays. Don't worry, he just runs around the ring for Jonna, too.

200 dollars (scratch that)
50 dollars (scratch that)
Okay, okay I will give YOU 10 dollars + food + I might throw in one of the others (not Zorra).

Just let me know!


P.S. I am totally kidding, but he is driving me NUTS! Sam is what happens when you spend 24*7 with a dog and have to leave him for almost 3 weeks. Poor guy.

Poor Auntie. So naive. Wait until she sees what I do now!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bored days

What do you want to do today, Zorra? Beat up Sam? Tear up the couch some more, field dress a few stuffies?

I know, let's play bitey face. That's always fun. But, don't bite aunties toesies, or she will yell!

For fun, I am also going to bite Mr. Moon. What fun!!

I want Mr. Moon, Katie. My turn!

Listen, Katie... I said Mr. Moon is MINE!

I am going to get Mr. Moon back if its the last thing I do!!

OH my goodness. I have let the wiles of Mr. Moon take over me. I am getting out of control.

That's right, Zorra. Let's leave Mr. Moon alone for a while and just hang out together....

Bitey face.. bitey face.. our favorite game....

Ah... my plan worked splendidly.. Mr. Moon is MINE at last!!