Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiz, give it a try doggies, kittys, and all!!

We all took this quiz today. It was a hoot!!


What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Jennifer Lopez! Find out at Dogster.com

Una bomba inteligente autentica, katie is super-fly girl Jennifer Lopez!
Curvaceous and sassy and always more than willing to pawticipate with a few moves on the dance floor, katie moves and grooves with the best of them. But that doesn't mean it's all fun and salsa for katie—discipline and structure are key ingredients that have helped to put katie on a fur-lined fast track. Family is of utmost importance for katie , and she takes care of her brothers and sisters with the same dedication that she gives her little 'uns. To see and to be seen are significant parts of katie's daily activities, and the real-life Cleopetra makes her rounds with confidence and flair, always preferring to hang with the more bold and beautiful members of the pack.


What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Madonna! Find out at Dogster.com

Come on, let's just face it: We are living in a material world, and zorra is a material girl. So go ahead and thank your lucky stars—zorra is the one and only Madonna!
Always desperately seeking attention, zorra is multi-talented and savvy, not afraid to get her paws dirty and experiment with new methods of getting into the groove in order to reach her peeps. She commands respect everywhere she goes, a sophisticated traveler who insists upon the best—and more often than not, she gets what she wants. Appearance is everything for your true-blue diva and while her look may change as often as the Pellegrino in her water bowl does, her commitment to exercise is unwavering. zorra's in tip-top shape, which makes her age in pet years a non-issue. Despite the hard fur and the no-nonsense approach, she's a softy when it comes to her devoted owner. It's fair to say that zorra is, yes, crazy for you.


What celebrity would your pet be? I'm Johnny Knoxville! Find out at Dogster.com

The kind of pet that can leap tall fences in a single bound (or not, but give it a shot anyhow), Sam is the original Jackass, Johnny Knoxville!
Going through the pain so you don't have to, Sam knows that he trots a fine line between funny and stupid, but he doesn't care—he's laughing about it all the way to the pet store. His over-the-top antics make you grimace with fear and you often find it hard to believe that he actually enjoys playing the class clown. But Sam laps it up and continues to defy the odds, despite your warnings and concerns. Other males in the pack tend to be a little jealous of Sam, but the females find him simply dreamy. A die-hard good ol' boy, Sam is more of a General Lee type than a Knight Rider, but give him enough time to think things through and he's sure to find a way to wreck both vehicles at the same time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day at the Spaw

I was looking in the mirror the other day, and I told my mother that I needed to go to the spaw.

Yes, my fur is a bit shaggy. So shaggy, that a few of my Border Collie and Sheltie friends tried to herd me at the recent agility trial! Yes, it is definitely time for a trim.

Off I went to the spaw. I had a wonderful time with my favorite groomer, Lisa. Oh, she was full of thing to tell me since our last meeting. Of course, I had to tell her about all my blogging friends, my new WFT friends that I met at Earthdog, and all my other activities. I was also secretly wishing she didn't give me a bad 'do like she did last time.

But, have no fear. I had a new 'do and I think look quite handsome.

The girls, however, were joshing me a bit for my fur. What do they know?! They don't get to go to the spaw! They were rolling around laughing at me. Oh, who cares. I look brilliant!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hello everyone,

We had a fun filled weekend of agility. Unfortunately, no new photos to share, as Mother strictly stated that she could not run with us (oh, please.. she follows far behind because we are so much faster than she!) AND take photos.

Zorra had one qualifying run this weekend. It was all jumps, and she got 3rd place! She and mother were quite excited. She was even running in the rain! Now, Zorra does NOT like to get wet, so this was especially nice. But, when Zorra is in THE ZONE, there is no holding her back. She is like a pup possessed!

Although Katherine, nor I, had any qualifying runs, Mother was quite pleased with our performances. USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) trials are very hard, with challenging courses, quick run times, and a good connection between dog and human required. We received several placement ribbons, however. And, we each had MOMENTS (especially me) of BRILLIANCE.


Mother only let me participate in two runs all weekend. So, I knew I had to put out my best effort. On Saturday, I was entered in a class called Tunnelers. OMD.. Was that FUN. I was supposed to run through a course of all tunnels. All together we were to crisscross through tunnels until we had done 15. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Whenever I run, there is always a hush over the crowd followed by giggling. I just assume that is nervous laughter in anticipation of my performance. Mother was holding on to the scruff of my neck at the start line, and I think she was screaming "YOU WAIT! STAY! WAIT!" I said, Pish Posh and I started without her. She's too slow anyway. I ran quickly through the first tunnel. Then, I followed my mother's direction to the second. After which, she pointed to another tunnel and I thought NO. I do not want to go into that tunnel. I turned on a dime and went into the tunnel of my choice.

Well, I did not know that if I did not follow the course, there was a penalty. Both mother and I had to go to a box and Mother had to take a hula hoop and go through it, and I would have to go through it too. She was calling me over there and she stepped through the hoop as I watched, but I said that it was TOO boring, so I went to another tunnel. I heard as I went deep in the bowels of the tunnel, Mother laughing and saying that she couldn't go through the Hula Hoop that many times!!

I didn't like the sound of that. I felt it was going to be the end of my magnificent run, and we all know that would spoil everyone's fun, so I kicked on the afterburners and ran for another tunnel. I heard everyone laughing, and that just fueled me more. I ran into the huge tunnel that went up over itself like a pretzel. I had gone through this tunnel 3 times already, and I thought I had escaped my mother. But, as soon as I got to the end, SHE was there. I tried to turn and run, but she grabbed the stub of my tail and pulled me out.

She picked me up and carried me off, and the judge was laughing and said I had way too much fun. Well, obviously, I had not because I wanted to keep going!

Today, I met an old gentleman WFT named Cosmo. He was 15 years old and still had a spring to his step. He had been a great agility dog and was the very first WFT to receive his MACH II. That means he reached the highest level of AKC agility twice. I was very impressed.

Today, I ran snooker and I completed half the course before I got bored and started to run around on my own. The judge for this run said I had a lot of energy. But, my mother was very proud of me on this run and said I did a very good job, even if we didn't finish. So, that made me happy. Cosmo's dad watched me run too, and he said that he was reminded of Cosmo when he was a pup like me.

We had a great weekend, even if it rained a lot yesterday.


For all those who left kind comments on our blog for Lis and Diva there is now a website where you can post thoughts and wishes for them. Go here and leave them your thoughts and well wishes. I am sure that they will be appreciated.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hi everydoggie,

Man, oh man, we had an earthquake this morning, and we didn't know WHAT was going on. I was havin' dreams about chasing rabbits and eating. I woke up with a start!

We live in the midwest, and we hardly ever have one. But, we had a shakin' house this morning. We aren't used to those earthquakes like our doggie pals in California and other places. So, we was scared for about 5 seconds.

Here is a photo of me from the earthquake cam... Wow, I was really shakin'.


My mom was trying to tell me that we are all ok, nothing even fell. But, I think that earthquakes are very dangerous. I went and checked all the stuffies and chew toys to make sure nothing happened to them.

I am on alert for any more earthquakes, so I will be prepared.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Inspiring Dog story and video

***** WARNING You may need a kleenex *****

As you know, we love agility. We meet a lot of wonderful people and see many, many runs between dog and handler. We often hear of heart-filled stories of triumph over adversity and happy endings for all.

This post is about one agility handler's battle with her health, her Chinese-crested, and her last wish.....

Taken from a newsgroup we are on last Friday:

To all of my fellow agility competitors and friends,

Last Tuesday I was admitted to hospital, for eight years I have fought breast cancer. I have been diagnosed now with AML Leukemia and have been given approximately three weeks to spend on this wonderful earth. I have chosen not to do any more chemo as I believe I have received and given all this life has to give and take.

With the help of my dear friends in Dallas we were able to talk the Dr's into spring me out of hospital today. Tomorrow at the Dallas Agility Working Group's trial I will run my darling Chinese Crested Diva for the last time - it wont be pretty, no one will be able to guess who's handling style I will use and I don't even know myself - just staying on my feet will be an achievement and to run with my very best friend and to be among friends will be enough to give me the energy I need to get through the day.

I am thrilled I will also get to watch the veterans parade and to pay tribute one last time to all the great dogs that have helped form this sport that I so love.

If you want to do anything for me pray that Diva and I can achieve a super Q, it is all we need to become ADCH together, but even if we don't get it - I know I am blessed to share what time I have with my dogs and my friends.........

Many thanks for all your love and support over the years, I am indeed one of the lucky ones that get to say thanks in 'person' before my time.

Remember this weekend to enjoy your friends, dogs and should success come, enjoy and embrace it, if it doesn't never forgot the love of this game and the friendships we have forged. Thanks to everyone who helped me with my journey I sure do appreciate you all.

This woman got her wish for her dog to get her ADCH (Agility Dog Champion in USDAA). Here is a video that her friends made of the title run.

It's an inspiring story of the bond between a dog and their person. I thought everyone should be touched by this story.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreaded Day

Well, everydoggie....

It's here. The most dreaded day of the year for our Mom. She is, shall we say, a bit irritated. It is TAX DAY. She hates tax day because no matter what she does, she always seems to owe taxes.

What does that have to do with us, I bet you are thinking. Well, our mom goes on tirades around tax day. She says that WE NEED TO CUT BACK SO I CAN PAY THIS STUPID #$#$#$#$ TAX BILL. She rants and raves about cutting back on things.

So, we have a discussion.


I say



I say Look at me. Does this face look like I think that is a good idea?



I say Ummmm let me think about that.

OH, definitely not.


I say.. Get a hold of yourself! Wake me up when you come to your senses.

So, my mom says... WEll, Miss Smartie Pants. What do you suggest we get rid of....

I only had to think for a nano-second. The sacrifice would be hard (well, not for me but I can put on a brave front)..... I looked at my Mom and said.......




Oh, just kidding.... BOL.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick Shout Out

Hi everydog...

Just a quick shout out to our pals. We think our mother will actually let us view our pals' blogs again, since her work has lessened. So, have no fear, we will soon be conversing on everydog's blogs again.

Blue told our mother about a new photo meme. (They are MAD about posting photos. They do it all the time). They now do photo memes 4 times a week. When does that leave time for us???

At any rate, you dogs might like this as well. It is called Camera Critters and it happens every Sunday. Go here to view. Our mother put some rather unflattering portraits of us on her blog. We are not happy about those photos and will plot on how to embarrass her later.

Those raccoons on the host blog remind me of Mr. Rat!! I want to definitely meet them. Katherine said she would go, as well. She really wants to meet them too.

Until next time, my friends...


Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Friends

Hello Pals,

I am going to continue on with the Earthdog practice, and introduce you to some of the new pals I met. They were all great sports, and although some did not enjoy Earthdog as much as I, we all loved sniffing and meeting up with each other!

Here were a few pups we met right off. I didn't catch their names, but we were all getting to know each other.

bark, bark  we love to dig!

This was Bean. She REALLY liked going into that tunnel after Mr. Rat.

Her daddy was always saying  Get 'em Bean

Here is my new friend Tavish. He wasn't sure about Earthdog. Although he liked Mr. Rat, he was not too keen on going into the tunnel. Silly boy. I showed him how, but he would rather find another way to talk to Mr. Rat.


I met my new pal, Willie, here. He just retired from the show ring, and now he could do all sorts of fun stuff, like Earthdog. I was questioning him about the care of his coat, but he said no more worries about that now. He can get dirty and doesn't have to go through that nasty stripping process any longer. Hurray for him.

How do you do?

There was absolutely no way Willie wanted to be separated from Mr. Rat. He was saying how much he enjoyed Mr. Rat's company. His mom and the Earthdog Man were trying to reason with him, as you can see.

Mine, I tell you.. Mine

Shadow, a Manchester Terrier, is our long-time agility buddy and he told us about the Earthdog Practice. Here he is with Mr. Rat. He brought his cousin Aries and aunt Lilly.


Aries is a Min Pin and Lilly is an All American girl dog. She did NOT care for getting near the rat, nor getting dirty.

Lilly... Ummm. not going after that rat. nope

We had such a good time there. We can't wait to try it again. We are going to try to figure out how to get the video up and running so you can see me go into the tunnel.

Now, we are off to read what you guys have been up to. We are WAY OUT OF TOUCH!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Earthdog Dog Primer I

Hello everydoggie,

Again, I must apologize for our absence. Our mother will NOT relinquish her computer for any amount of time, and I fear that Katherine, Zorra, and I will need to hold a bark treat sale so we may purchase our own!

At any rate, some of you were asking about my experience with Earthdog and what exactly it is. Well, here is the "official description" of this sport:

The purpose of non-competitive Earthdog tests is to offer breeders and owners of small Terriers and Dachshunds a standardized gauge to measure their dogs' natural aptitude and trained hunting and working behaviors when exposed to an underground hunting situation. The noncompetitive program begins with a basic introduction to den work and quarry and progresses through gradual steps to require the dog to demonstrate that it is willing to perform the required tasks including seeking its quarry, locating and working it underground.

Quarry for EArthdog is a typically a rat. Here, you can see I am getting acquainted with Mr. Rat. We became fast friends, of course. I wanted to follow him everywhere.


Hello, Mr. Rat. I find you very interesting and very intriguing!!

Mr. Rat... I am not sure you should go into this tunnel-like thing. I should try to stop you.


You are just insistent on going in there, aren't you. Well, I shall follow....


Here I come, my new pal! It is a little snug, but I can crawl in right behind.


THERE you are, my good friend. That was fun chasing you through the tunnel.


I certainly had a good time, didn't you?


(note: No rats were harmed in this practice. In fact, they could care less if the dogs were barking and chasing them at all).

Enough for today. I have much more to tell you, including how I went down in the ground tunnel for my new pal!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our wanderings and excitement

I don't have much time to post, as Mother is not at her computer right now. But, I DID want to share with you one or two of the things I wish to blog about this week.

I went to an Earthdog Practice and had a delightful time! I know that A+A do earthdog and cannot wait to tell them.

Also, I met two other WFTs. Even mother made friends with Willie's mom and she invited us to a WFT show at the end of May. Mother said that we may even attend. Oh, I am so excited to see others like me!!!

Here we all are together. That's Willie, me (of course) and Joey. Willie had just completed his confirmation and still had his show fur. Of course, I am au natural and Joey looked quite dashing with his stripped coat. We were all waiting to play earthdog and have a grand time.

I will write more about that later. I believe I hear my mother returning!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday's short post

Our mother has been working long hours (again!) and we have had no time to visit our pals, or blog much. But, she promised that we could catch up this weekend on everydoggies activities.

Our pal Blue sent us this to answer a few weeks ago. So, we decided to do a collective answer.

Five things on OUR to-do list:
1. Eat treats
2. Sleep
3. Sniff
4. Run
5. Play with our mother

Five Snacks WE enjoy:
1. Homemade jerky
2. Auntie Sharon's special liver treats
3. cheese
4. small bits of hot dogs
5. Peanut butter filled Kongs

Five Things I would you do if I was a Billionaire:

1. We would build a big place where all our doggie friends could come and play and do agility and flyball and other things with us.
2. Start a trust for other rescue dogs to find homes
3. Buy a real limo so we can travel to agility trials in style
4. Have an endless supply of treats!
5. We would travel EVERYWHERE with our mom, since we would foot the bill!!

Five of OUR bad habits:

1. Barking at every sound
2. Pouting when we don't get our way
3. Chewing things we shouldn't
4. Tearing up things we shouldn't
5. One of us in particular puts STAINS in certain places....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tuesday schmoozeday

Hi everybody,

We are bored. Our mom has been working hard again, or going out in the evening and we have nothing to do. We don't even have any agility trials. WHAT is up with that?? WE have just been hanging around. So, we are going to wait until mommi hits the sack and then go and catch up on our buddies.

Lately, we have been discussing if Sam needs to go to the spaw for a cut. Since his last experience was not so good, mommi has been putting it off, and trimming him up herself. Well, that has to stop. His fur is getting a little too long, now. Of course, Sammie thinks it is just right....

It was our cuzin Cal's barkday today and mommi forgot to make him a cake. So, she said that she would make him one this week so he can have a big old piece of cake. He is looking forward to it, cuz he loooves cake. We will need to plan his pawty and what he's going to get for his barkday. He is now 2 years old.

Mommi has been playing on her blog again today. That makes us so mad. She likes to post photos all the time. You can go over and look at ABC Wednesday that she likes to play here.