Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blogging and Digging

Mom has been super busy with work since before Christmas, and well... that is not great. She hasn't paid a lot of attention to us lately, and hasn't let us blog or nothing. So, as they say... idle paws are the devil's workshop.

So, what happened when mom let us play outside for the afternoon, unattended in the backyard? Sam decided to become a mudpie baker. We had a lot of fun playing mudpie baker. But, Sam REALLY had fun.

It started to get dark, and Mom called for us to come in. I guess Sam forgot to wash up like the rest of us before Mom saw him..........

Here he is trying to explain what transpired over the afternoon.

Mom was really not happy, especially since Sam has WHITE fur on his legs. You know, I tried to step in and say that Joe Stains is the king of a certain KIND of stains, but surly Sam is at least the crown prince of mud stains.

Yea, here he is.... trying to look like a good boy that just got his with mud. Nothing of HIS doing, of course.

When Mom saw HOW muddy he was, she about fainted. He had it caked all over. He had big, fat droplets of mud on him. Auntie could barely lift him up because he was so mud caked!
I told Mom that we should just get a sand blaster for him. She didn't think that was too funny. Obviously, no sense of humor!

So, off Sam and Mom went. There was splashing, yelling, yelping, strange sounds from the bath. I guess there was some really hard scrubbing going on.

But, when they emerged, Sam was back to normal. Here is is at the agility trial a day later.

We'll write about the agility trial with our next post!