Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We are MAD.

Ok, Mom has been busy and is a computer hog - what does that mean to us? NO BLOGGING! Well, we have been sorta busy, too. But, more on that later. Right now, Zorra, Sam and I are MAD.

Last night on our last runaround before going to bed, I did a little bit of hunting. When Mom called us in, I brought in my trophy. A nice, fresh rabbit. You know what she did? She had the nerve to yell at ME. Can you believe it?

I dropped my treasure right on the kitchen floor. Zorra and I were really ready to start snacking, but Mom made us go into another room. Sam was still waiting to go do his business and he wanted to see the prize too. He thought perhaps I would share (NOT).

Anyway, while we were all in other parts of the house, somehow Mom took the rabbit and did something with it. I have searched EVERYWHERE for my rabbit. Zorra, Sam, and I have searched the house, outside and everywhere we can think. Mom musta put it up for later, although that wasn't very nice. I worked hard for it.

So, I am going to sulk. :(

But, on a bright note Mom is in charge of our flyball team website. You can look at it by going here, if you want. We went to one tournament already and Zorra got her first Flyball title. She's pressy excited about that. I'm not racing on the team yet because I would just rather crash into other dogs and run like Nascar. So, I only run by myself or with one other dog. Sam is STILL in training, too.

We will be getting around to everyone's blogs to get caught up. See you all soon!