Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rather Uneventful day

I am blogging again because I am still mad at Mother, as she has ignored us again today. She has been cooking all day for no apparent reason but to stuff her own face. It is almost as IF she were trying to make us very mad.

But, she did take us for a a nice walk this morning. We were walking through the field behind our house. (Mother took some exercise for a change and I guess she feels like she can eat now.)

We had a rather long walk, and it was quite fun. We kept playing mind games with Mother, as you can see. We would all pretend we were looking at something and when Mother would notice there was really nothing there, even though we were intent on something in the distance. Oh, how we love to trick her.

While she was cooking, we confiscated her phone and found a few photos on it that we had not seen before. HMMMMM....

Here is a picture of Peyton Manning in a Santa hat? What is up with that? Peyton looks sort of plastic. Also, what is up with that beard! Peyton, buddy, shave that beard before the playoffs, dude. Better be sharp, or I'll have to come and horseshoe ya.

Even though Mother was gone for quite some time on Thursday, we do NOT think she had time to go visit Jackson nor do we think this is our pal Blue's Scarlett (we are going on memory here, but we think that was her car's name). I mean, we are in the middle of Indiana here. Where did THIS car come from?

Perhaps, we will get to go on one of her adventures tomorrow!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Total Disregard

I must let you know how irritated that I am with my mother. On Thursday, she left us for the ENTIRE day. She left early in the morning, and did not return until very, very late. She left our Auntie in charge (hurumph to that).

At any rate, I am not a fan of Mother leaving the house at ALL, without us. First, how do we know that she won't get lost. She's not the brightest bulb in the pack, shall we say. We were worried sick over her absence. And, due to the stress of her being away and to show her how much I appreciated it, I left her a nice "surprise" right where she would see it. I shan't go into what the "surprise" was, but it was rather smelly. BOL. That got a rise out of the old girl when she got home.

Upon inspection, we deduced that she had been in the presence of ANOTHER DOG in her travels!! Upon further inspection, we sniffed that he was a wired haired daschund. Sniff, sniff... whose name was Bosco. Sniff, sniff, snort, who she thought was extremely cute!! WE thought she was only going to be gone a short time to visit her old college roomate who was in town for only a few days. She told us NOTHING of meeting another DOG. Again, Hurmph.

She had also been to a variety of locations, a restaurant, someone's home, and a bar listening to a band. It is amazing what Katherine, Zorra, and I can sniff out, but we sniffed our mother for quite a while and then compared notes.

So, now I have been making a nusiance of myself lately. I follow her everywhere she goes. I even wait by the door of the rainmaker in the bathroom. How come she is allowed to go out in the rain and I am not?! It doesn't seem fair. And, there's plenty of rain outside to use, but she's a wimp and wants WARM rain.

Which brings me to another point, I have NOT been allowed to go out and make mud pies in over a week. It's always run, run, run, do my business and then run back in. No frolicking, no dancing in the mud, no having fun.

Right now, our mother is trying to make amends and fix some treats for us. Actually, I think we are going to be the test dogs for a recipe she is trying out. Next week, we have a party to go to for our flyball team. We will let you know later if it was edible.

Right now, I think I will go sit on her feet so she cannot go anywhere without ME! I am still very upset with her, and may have to bring it up with Katherine and Zorra that Mother again needs to be grounded.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Katie Saves the Day

Hi Bloggerland,

As you know, Zorra was worried that Santa Paws was NOT going to visit. Well, I knew that I had to do something AND FAST. So, when my granma said she wanted to go to the nursing home to visit her roomie from when she had to stay a short time, I piped up that I wanted to go, too! My auntie was going to take granma because Mom was cooking up a storm.

Away we went. I knew what I had to do, so I didn't bother being worried about being away from Mom. I had a mission. I hadn't been there for a couple of months, but everyone still remembered me. I went around and saw all of my old friends from the summer and said HI. I did my tricks to the best of my ability AND, I danced with a little girl. Everyone was very glad to see ME. As payment, I got bits of cheese. We don't have any photos to show you because Mom didn't think to ask Auntie to take a few pics. Anyway, I got invited back again. So, maybe someone will remember then. I am proud to say that I made some people smile. I love going to go visit the nursing home and seeing all my good buddies.

After I came home, I thought Mom may be behind in her cooking. So, I decided to help. I helped for a bit, but then I was too tired and had to go lie down.

Later, after dinner, we were getting anxious about Santa Paws.....

Sam came to ask Mom if she thought Santa Paws would forgive him of all the slightly naughty things he had done this year.

Mom said she didn't know. He had been fairly naughty over the past few days.

As you know, Zorra was already worried about Santa Paws not coming to our house....

I, on the other hand, had a very clear conscious. I KNEW that Santa Paws was coming!!

So, we all went to bed early....

When we woke the next morning, Santa PAWS HAD STOPPED BY. We were sooooooo excited. But, our mom did NOT take any photos, silly mom. We got tons of treats and toys. Zorra and Sam fretted over nothing. They should be more like me... POSITIVE!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

I am worried. WE have already been in tons of twouble today and Santa Paws comes tonight. I am trying really hard to be good, but I'm not doing very well. I hope Santa is understanding!

I was caught fighting wif Sammie over a toy.....

I wuz arguin' wif Katie about who had the sharpest teef....

I kept movin around too much and mommi couldn't get my pikture.

Then I wouldn't STOP staring at her....

To get in Santa's good gracies, I will prolly haf to wear somethin stoopid....

Santa is on his way!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Cousin Sweetie

Our cousin Sweetie went over to the Rainbow Bridge tonight and we are all very, very sad. The doctor said that she probably had a stroke, and it was her time to go to the rainbow bridge.

Auntie found Sweetie as a stray who came up to the house to see our cousin, Sandy. She was flea-bitten and showed signs of abuse. Sweetie came with cigarette burns all over her body. Parts of her body had no fur. She was very malnourished and scared of everything. She needed attention badly. After a few months of care with some good food, trips to the vet and some good loving, she became much more relaxed, but still very hyper.

When she came to us, she was the ugliest dog we had ever seen. But, after she was all fixed up and healed, she was the cutest pup around.

Mother took her to her first vet visit, and they asked for her name. Mother had all sorts of names in her head, but when the doctor asked, she said Sweetie. The name truly fit her personality.

Sweetie was Auntie's Pup and they loved each other very much. Anyone else probably would have given up on Sweetie. She suffered extreme separation anxiety. She also escaped the kennel every chance she got to go hunting for rabbits. We all spent many hours scouring the country looking for Sweetie, who would only come back on her own.

Sweetie was the one who found our cousin Honeycomb, who was barely 5 weeks old and an orphan. Sweetie killed a rabbit for her to eat, and then brought Auntie to the puppy, who was living in the barn.

We know that Sweetie is at the Rainbow Bridge running and chasing rabbits and waiting for us all. Run happy and free, dear Sweetie. We can see you running and rolling and swimming now. We will miss you terribly.

If you get a chance, please go visit our cousins' blog and give them a pat on their bellies.......

Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Funnies?

Hi everybloggie,

We are lucky to have the computer this evening. Our mom had a bad time with work over the past couple of days and would not hardly get out of her chair and was just tapping, tapping, tapping on the computer all the time. We were NOT happy. We already had this discussion about our blogging time with her. And, it was MY turn to blog!

We had flyball practice tonight, and boy did we have fun! We were running fast, fast, fast. Mom has to figure out WHAT is going on with her video camera, as it isn't functioning too well, and that is why there isn't any video. Sigh. She always has SOME excuse for everything.

Before we even went to Flyball and agility practice (for Sam), we had to go to the do it yourself dogwash because Sam was FILTHY. He had never, ever been that dirty in his entire life. If you think this photo was bad, multiply it by a gazillion!

I told him that he was so muddy that Mom was really going to be mad. He looked like he got pushed down in the mud and someone sat on him. NOT that I would know ANYTHING ABOUT THAT OR HOW IT HAPPENED, SANTA.

When my mom saw him, she sort of did that little scream that only we dogs can hear. I mean, he was dripping in mud like perhaps someone just kept pouring buckets and buckets of mud on him. NOT that I would know ANYTHING ABOUT THAT OR HOW IT HAPPENED, SANTA.

Normally, Sam has some white on him, but he was completely one color.... gray. He had SO much mud on him that it was caked. Each piece of fur was about triple in size. It was like someone threw him in a mudpit and wouldn't let him out and he just kept jumping up trying to get out and no one would let him. NOT that I would know ANYTHING ABOUT THAT OR HOW IT HAPPENED, SANTA.

So, that is how we got to the do-it-yourself dog wash. Mom said she wasn't going to wash him at home with all the mud caked on him. You know, Mom, lots of people pay a lot of money to have a mud bath. You are just being very shortsighted.

So, Sam went in to the store and we stayed with our Auntie. Mom was in there for a long time. Finally, after like a thousand hours, she came out, and dang it, she still had Sam. Now, he was clean. She really had to scrub him hard and there was a bunch of mud in the bath. She said he was as dirty as a little pig, and how could any dog get that dirty by himself? NOT THAT I would know ANYTHING ABOUT THAT OR HOW IT HAPPENED THAT SAM CAME TO BE SO DIRTY, SANTA.

Look at this pic... does this look like anyone who may be possibly mean to her little brother. Nope, looks like a good girl who deserves lots of prezzies from Santa Paws.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

River's Bark Day

Happy 2nd Bark Day to our pal River!!

Chrissymas Shopping

Mommi has left the howse to go Chrissymas shopping, so it was my turn to do some bloggin'. We had a couple tags to catch up on. We did this one before, but we all, (including mommi) on did 2 so we decided we would do it again for fun. It was from our cute little caption lovin' pal Balboa.

Me: (this is one of the first photos that mommi took of me when I came to live with her. I'm the cutest!)

1. I am gettin' ready for my first competition in flyball. We are goin' to a race/meet in January in Michigan. I'm tryin' not to think 'bout it too much or I will get nervous.

2. When we go to 'gility trials I make my mommi cawwy me 'round a lot becawse I get nervous. Mommi is tryin to help me not get so nervous all the time by teachin me sum tricks to keep my mind off it.


This is a photo Mommi took right after she found Katie.

1. Katie is boss, right after mommi. We haf to lissen to her, or we get in twouble. She keeps us all in line so it doesn't get too crazy around here. Katie don't like kay-oz too much. Sometimes, she even tries to boss doggies we don't know, too.

2. Katie wants to be a therapy dog and go into nursing homes and visit the people there. We did that when our granma was in the nursing home and Katie loved going up to anyone who needed a smile or needed her to do a flashy trick.


Here is Sammie right after he came to live wif us.

1. Sammie came to live with us because he heard how much fun we had doing stuff. He still gets to see his other family sometimes.

2. Sammie doesn't like to get up in the morning, and mommi has to go drag him out of bed if it is still really dark out. Oh, does that make mommi mad! He He He. Sammie says that he doesn't see the need to rise before dawn.


This is just one of mommi's fav pics that she has taken.

1. Got a new i-pod touch that I think she likes more than me. But, she shows her friends all our photos on it, so I guess that is OK. She puts it way up where we can't get to it and chew on it. That makes us mad!

2. Lets us all sit with her on the couch and watch tv. We all race to see who will get to sit next to her first. Normally, if we all want to sit next to mommi, Katie and I sit on each side of her and Sammie sits on her lap.

The next tag was from Ben Ben.

It was for 7 annoyances. We will do this all together.

1. When mommi says ALL GONE. What is up with that??!! What do you mean all gone. Go get more treats, we know that there are more!

2. When mommi goes somewhere with out us. It can't be too much fun to go anywhere without puppies? What is up with that? Katie gets really mad and sulks. Sammie practically hurls himself against the wall and cries like a little baby. I just curl up in a ball and wait until I hear mommi come back.

3. The trashman, loud trucks, loud cars, sirens in the middle of the night. We have to bark if we hear those things. We wanna make sure that they aren't coming here!

4. Anyone else who is getting attention from mommi and it isn't me!

5. When mommi hogs the 'puter and won't let us blog!

6. Rain. (well, that is my annoyance. Katie and Sammie don't mind rain so much).

7. Not having the most comfortable spot to take a nap. Meaning... someone beat us to it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our absence.... explained and UNCOVERED.

Hello Bloggerland,

First, we must apologize for our unintended absence from our blog and our pals. Our mother has not relinquished her computer in quite some time due to her impossible employers. You see, this is the busiest time of year for our mother's job and, even though she works at home, she was tied to her desk and would not leave her computer from early in the morning until late in the evening.

The girls and I had to devise a plan. We had our general meeting of the day to review alternatives and plans on how to regain control of a computer. After all, we had missed Butchy and Snicker's skating party and all the camaraderie of our pals. Something had to be done, and quickly!

Zorra scratched and scratched her head to try to come up with an idea so we could blog and visit our friends. Unfortunately, she was not able to come up with a good, solid idea to regain control of the computer. She scratched her head and ear so much that she got a crick in her neck and her chin got stuck in that position. Eventually, she had to have her neck massaged so she could lower her head. Silly girl.

Katherine tried a different tactic to come up with an ingenious plan. She tried letting all the blood rush to her head. She normally can think of the most devious of plans. But, she only got a bit lightheaded for her efforts. I was more than willing to string her up by her toes, but she and Zorra outvoted me on that suggestion. (They wouldn't know a good idea if it came up and slapped them on their heads).

I felt that I would undoubtedly have to come up with a plan. I donned a disguise and went outside the house and looked in the office window where my mother was tapping away on the computer. Oh, my mother was oblivious. She could not see me at all in my stealth disguise as I peered over the window sill.

Katherine provided an excellent diversion by squeaking every toy she possibly could so our mother would not inadvertently look out the window (even though I was magnificently clad and no one could see me at all).

Zorra was worried that if we got caught in our espionage, that Santa Paws would not visit us so close to Christmas. Katherine assured her that Santa would NOT know, and everything would be ok. Zorra didn't seem to be too convinced. She was mumbling something about "Mommi being mad if we were up after bedtime." Oh PISH POSH. We need to BLOG!! I told her if she wasn't with us, she was against us and THAT would make Santa Paws mad. Oh, I did have a small twinge of remorse for telling her that garbage, but we are in desperate straits here!

AS I watched through the window, I saw our opening. I saw our mother YAWN! Ah, yes.... Mother doesn't sleep as much as we do. We will only need to wait for her to go to bed and fall asleep. I crept back into the house, unnoticed. Katherine, Zorra and I decided to get a few winks of sleep, but our sleep was fitful as we tried to slightly stay alert in case our mother yawned again and went to bed without our knowledge. Soon, it was very dark.

I decided to take the direct approach. "Oh Mother, the girls and I are certainly sleepy..... Mother, are you sleepy yet? You look sleepy. Look at me. Oh, I am soooo very, very tired. I think we ALL should go to bed now. Don't you, mother?" "You are looking a bit, shall we say, HORRID. YOU NEED SLEEP."

Look Mother, this is how you go to sleep. You lay down and shut your eyes. Seee.... Don't mind that we are staring at you. We just want you to close your eyes and relax. There's no need to worry. None, whatsoever. We are not up to anything. We are just concerned about your health and mental focus. We are being good puppies so that we can get pawsents from Santa Paws.

Soon, Zorra went and sat right next to Mother. Katherine laid down by her feet and our mother started getting very warm and yawning more and more. I think our plan may be working. Mother is starting to get tired. Then, we heard the magic words that normally spreads dread through our souls. "Kids, it is time for beddy-bye." I believe she was so tired that she did not even realize that we rushed to our beds and immediately laid down without any whining or sorry, unhappy looks.

Katherine and I sent Zorra in with our mother as a lookout. She will cry or moan if Mother gets up to come back to the computer. Then, Katherine and I flipped a coin over who would get the job of blogging this evening. And, well, I guess you know who won. Moi.

We do want to thank alllll our friends for the wonderful Christmas cards that we have received. They are all beautiful and we love each and every one. We certainly will try wrestle the computer more from our mother. After all, we are addicted and MUST BLOG.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain

Hello bloggers,

Sam here. It's been raining here for days. The rain has washed what little snow we had away. Now the backyard is nothing but a mud pit, and my mother will not let me go play in the mud. I'm quite distraught.

My mother doesn't seem to care that I am not having a good time. She's only thinking of herself, as she does not want to give me a bath prior to the weekend. Well, personally, I don't really see the need of bath. I would just be a little muddy. Many people pay a lot of money for mud treatments. I would be saving mother a lot of cash.

Wishen I asked her what difference it made regarding the weekend, she informed me that she and I were going to an agility trial! Of course, I am elated! Then, she told me it was a teacup trial. Now, I am not so happy. I'm not really in the mood for the enchantment that happened the last time I went to a teacup trial. I think my mother wants me to go mad! However, my girlfriend Maisie will be there and I'm sure everything will be right with the world.

Zorra and I went to the vet's the other day. It was only for our annual physical. Zorra's exam was fairly mundane. She simply cowered and whined until the vet said she was in good health.

I was anxious to talk to Dr. again. We had not spoken since last year. I waved at him, smiled and did a few tricks that I knew would amuse a man of his high intellect and felt things were going properly until he decided to take my temperature. I was rather aghast at how he took it! I didn't quite remember my temperature being taken THAT way. When he removed a thermometer from my bum, there was a large tape worm on the end. The doctor laughed and said he had not seen one quite that large. Of course, my mother was turning all sorts of shades of green and was horrified how I may have encountered this unwanted guest.

The doctor told her most likely I had eaten something in the backyard, such as a mouse, chipmunk, etc. Because, after all, I was a terrier and that is what we do. Oh, I remember the afternoon where I dined on a scrumptious tasty treat. Hmmmm obviously, the chef gave my portion to me a bit UNDERCOOKED. However, I will eat the raw treats again every chance I get.

After receiving the proper medication and forging my mother's signature on the charge card slip, I escorted her and Zorra out to our vehicle for the drive home. Girls... one little bug or tapeworm and they become quite the sissies!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whew... we musta been really tired!

Hi everybloggie!!

We musta been really tired from our trip to Asta's pawty. We all look pretty out of it.........

It has been ages since we blogged. We have been busy opening a TON of Christmas cards from all our pup pals! We haven't had time to go visit all our new and newer friends' blogs, but we will get to it soon. In the meantime, THANKS. Getting all these cards are GREAT!

One thing we want to tell you is about our cuzin's blog. They got their act together and now they have some stuff on their bloggie. You should take a look over and visit them. They would appreciate it! Just tell them that Katie sent you! (That's me!).

I had a great time today doing agility! I had not practiced in a while and Mom took me to a practice tonight. I was so FAST, FAST, FAST. I really missed agility. One of these days my Mom will remember to take the video camera so you all can see how fast we are. After class, Mom and Auntie went to visit some of their friends at the restpawrant. Yack Yack Yack. That is all humans do. I talk a lot, but jeeeeeeeez! Zorra, Cuz Cal and I all curled up together and went to sleep while we were waiting on them.

This is my impression of my MOM yacking and yacking. They yack so much, they probably can't even remember what they said! Unless they are talking about ME! I bet that is it. I am a facinating subject! But, if Sam keeps putting his tail around my head, he's gonna be in TROUBLE.

I don't know of other doggies have noticed this, but my mom and Auntie have different sets of friends. IT's like some kind of a system that all their friends are divided into. They have their "friends." Then, there are their "doggie friends." But, in that group of "doggie friends, it is broken down to "agility doggie friends" and/or Flyball doggie friends," and I am SURE it breaks down even more. And, we are not even talking about her friends that have dogs AND annoying cats.

I find it all very confusing. That is why my mom should just take ME everywhere she goes. She doesn't need to go anywhere without me. I am not sure she can keep everyone straight without some kind of a scorecard. I can just sniff someone and let her know if they are a keeper. If I don't think they are OK.. OFF they go (and they can take Sammie with them, if they want to. Sometimes he's annoying.)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pawty 4 us!

Ready for Asta's Party

We are all ready for Asta's St. Nicholas Day pawty. We are patiently waiting for Aire Ruby to swing by and land in the field next to our house. We are so excited! Mother felt remorseful for leaving us the other evening, so she forwarded us our allowances early so we could purchase these grand Santa hats.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Pawty

Owr mommie is going to a Chrissymas pawty tonight and we can't go. She said it was for werk. She werks from home? How does she get invited to a pawty? We don't get to go, and we aren't happy. :(

Sammie has already started whining because Mommie is putting on her good clothes and that means she's going somewhere, and we are stuck at home wif each other. WE will try to think of something productive to do, like maybe write our letters to Santa Paws.

We got bunches more Chrissymas kards over the past few days. It is so much fun to receive these from our doggie bloggie friends. My granspa brings our mail to us and always tells us how many kards we got.

Katie got an extra special piece of mail. She got her agility certificates for getting 2 'gility titles from USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association). She is very pwoud of herself and is prancing around all ober.

USDAA is one of the more challenging 'gility venues, and mommie is very proud of Katie for getting her two new 'gility titles. Sammie and I (me mostly) are werking hard to get our 'gility titles so we can get cool pieces of paper like this.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Agility Trial this week.

Hello Friends,

Oh, I'm sure you are all awaiting my colorful commentary of Zorra's and my runs from the trial yesterday.

First, Zorra did a very nice job in listening to our mother during her runs. She received a qualifying score in 3/4 runs, and received a 3rd place ribbon for one of those runs. She zigged when mother told her (snore), jumped at the appropriate times (boring), zoomed through the tunnels (yawn). The only reason she did not qualify for one run is she had to go on the teeter totter, which she does NOT like. (I find it very fun and love to fly over it). Mother was very proud of Zorra for each one of her runs.

I needed one more qualifying run to complete my first title. This specific run was for a game called Full House. In this game, you must go over a minumum of three jumps, run through a circle (tunnel or tire), and go over a "contact" (either a dogwalk, A-Frame or weave poles. I did this magnificeintly. Everyone at the trial was just amazed at my performance. Oh, Mother was trying to tell me where I should go and I only slightly listened. In the end, we (i.e. I) managed to get a qualifying score AND a first place ribbon for my efforts. (ed. note (Katie, here) He was the ONLY one in the class). This completed my first level of CPE. I shall receive a certificate in the mail with my accomplishments.

I had three other runs yesterday. Since the pressure was off, I chose NOT to listen to Mother and run however I wished. I decided that I truly only wanted to go over teeters, A-Frames and tunnels in an indiscrimate order and at my leisure. I ran and ran. I went over to the people along side the ring and personally thanked them all for coming to watch me run. Oh, I heard my mother screaming like a banshee to come back over and complete the run, but when one has an audience, you must attend their needs, don't you think?

The buzzer sounded for each run (I guess you are supposed to complete the run PRIOR to the buzzer), and my mother would pick me up and say "What am I going to do with you?" each time. Well, I assume that she is going to continue to enter trials with me, as I am a fabulous agility dog. What a silly question!

Unfortunately, we did not get any photos from the trial to post, but there was a photographer there who is sending them to us later. She was quite a nice woman, as she also has a WFT named Ralph. Ralph winked at me each time I ran, and I heard his words of encouragement as I dashed and darted way from my mother. His mother said that Ralph was just like me when he was my age. Ralph told me to keep everyone guessing. No need for the humans to be off their guards.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hi bloggerland,

We will write more about the agility trial that Zorra and Sam were in tomorrow. They are very tired, and have already gone to sleep... (wimps).

We got tagged last week by both our human friend Blue and our cute little friend, Lacy Lulu

Here are the Rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules:
List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself.
Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them ). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs okay?

We are going to list 2 random facts about each of us.. Katie, Zorra, Sam and our mom.....

Katie ---

1. I do NOT like buffalo. I saw one in Oklahoma when me and mom go to Lubbock, TX. I thought it was the weirdest thing I EVER SAW and just kept growling at it.

2. I love to go riding in the car, but it better be to a destination, and NOT riding around in circles in our driveway.

Zorra ---

3. LOOOOOOVES custard. When she gets some, she gets glazed over eyes and cannot get enough.

4. Loves to sleep right next to Mom all the time.

Sam --

5. Loves to sit on grandma's lap and she grooms him. Then, he falls asleep.

6. When Mom leaves to go somewhere with out us, he will cry like a baby for 20 minutes.

7. Mom works from home, so we get to spend all the time with her.

8. Mom is an artist, and once had a painting hang in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

So, now we have to think who to tag....

We tag:

1. Sitka and Tia
2. Lenny
3. Amber
4. Jake and Just Harry
5. BenBen
6. Lorenza
7. Alex
8. Tell

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Marvy time at the party

We had a marvelous time riding in Ben Ben's spaceship with everyone, and then... to go to Planet Goofy and enjoy his birthday party was spectacular. You can read about it here.

We had never been in outerspace before and found the no gravity issue a delight. The snacks just floated in air, and just waited for some doggie to grab them. We hope we can go on another spaceship ride in the future!

Now, we are looking forward to Asta's party!

We want to thank our doggie bloggie friends for sending us Christmas cards. We love each one that we have received. We have been talking about them to our cousins (who haven't been updating their blog). Calvin wanted to see if he had any Christmas cards......

He didn't see any with his name on it, so he pouted....

So, we advised him that the girls and I would be delighted to share our cards with him. And, he was again, happy.

Tomorrow, Zorra and I are participating in an agility trial. We will update you on our progress later. I am sure that I will be the best dog there. I do excel at everything I do, and this trial will not be an exception. I certainly hope that the other dogs will not run away with their tail between their legs when they notice that I am on the premisis.

Until then, I will bid you adieu.