Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our kitty sister, Sabrina

We are sad today. Our kitty sister Sabrina went to the Rainbow Bridge today. It was totally sudden and quite unexpected.


You can read about Sabrina here.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


You may have been wondering why I have not posted in a while. Well, pals, I have been busy. The following video should explain my absence.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleepy time

We found this on the internet today. We wish we could have kept watching, but we fell asleep!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HI! Agility Agility Agility

Hi everybloggie,

Sam is right. Mom is a computer hog. She says she is working, working, but I don't believe it. Anyway, I am giving her a slight break because she and I went to an agility trial on Sunday. Boy, did we do GREAT.


We had three runs, and guess what?! We qualified in all 3 runs, AND we got first place. We were so happy. Mom gave me one of my favorite treats after each run. It was MEATBALLS. That was the best part of the whole thing.

Not only that, all our agility buddies did great, too! It was such a good day. Agility is a lot like the saying, "Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug." This time, we were the windshield.

One of our agility instructors was also competing and Benny, her agility dog, got his MACH. That is a big title in AKC. We probably won't get a MACh because we don't compete in AKC that much. You have to be a purebred dog (or be able to get an ILP number, which means you may be a purebred but you don't have papers). Anyway, because Zorra isn't a purebred dog, we all don't compete much in AKC. She can't run agility trials in AKC, so pooh. :( That is why we like to do other agility venues so we can ALL play.

At one point, we thought we saw some of our friends! We saw an Airdale that looked a lot like Mitch (beard way too short for Maggie). He was great! He jumped high over all those jumps. We saw another boxer who looked alot like Peanut, too. There were a bunch of corgis like the Corgie girls (including Maizie, Sam's true love, who was there a the trial too). There were 2 goldens who looked like Amber and Chloe. AND, a dalmation who looked similar to Faith. Unfortunately for Sam, there were no WFTs. Mom said that maybe next time he could go.

We didn't get any photos, but one of our friends took a photo of me with my ribbons. As soon as she sends it to us, we will post it. We were really proud of ourselves.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Top Hat and tails... and MY barkday


Katherine is mad, as she wanted to be center stage, but I told her it was MY barkday!!


Knowing that I love a good joke, Zorra donned fake eyeballs....

Zorra in disguise

I am dressed up in a top hat, and here are my sisters' and my tails. I do hope this suffices for Blue's Tops and tails pawty!

Today is also my barkday. I do hope that my mother is planning a gala! We are already dressed up!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Flyball Tale....

Hello Everybloggie,

My mommi is a computer hog. Sammie swears she oinks! I sez to him, "you better not let mommi hear you." I have exciting things to tell everybloggie!

Auntie, Katie, and Me ditched mommi and went to the dog training place for a flyball demo this past weekend. See, Auntie is my "handler" for flyball most times in class. I don’t really need a handler, but I ammuses mommi and auntie by pretending I need their help.

Spirit (Auntie Sharon's dog that is on the team) and me competed againt Maverick (another dog on the team, and Katie's BOYFRIEND) and this dog from another team--Ronan. Ronan is one of the fastest Border Collie's around here! Auntie got weepy she was so proud of me runnin against Ronan. I didn let him get too far ahead of me! I think if Auntie woulda released me earlier I could've won!

Auntie can be as forgetful as mommi, sos I dunt have any pics, but the Indy Star folks were there and got a shot of Maverick and Spirit runnin. Spirit is the one that sorta looks like Katie.

P.S. Katie did good too, but she iss not an official flyball girl like me!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flyball Tournament, Part 2

Ok, doggies.. on with my story.

After a trazillion years of riding in Auntie Sharon's van, in a crate, next to Yippee, we arrived at the spot where the Flyball tournament was going to be.

Auntie Sharon and mommi set up the trailer we all got to get out and stretch our legs. There were a bunch of other doggies running around and chasing frisbees, balls, and going into this big building. I could hear a lot of trash talk like Katie and maverick say to each other.

Mommi and I went into the building and I saw what the other dogs were in there doing. They were doing FLYBALL!!! I was a little nervous, because I didn't know these other dogs. I had never seen them before in my life. They were running up and down the lane and getting the ball really, really fast.

We hung around there for a while, watching. Those dogs should had a lot of things to say to each other!!! Some of it was not polite.

After we were done with that, we had to settle down and go to sleep in the trailer. Let me tell you, staying in that trailer is MUCH nicer than the tent Mommi normally makes us stay in. Mommi, Katie, and Sammie all like camping. But, I sure don't. It is too scary for me!

Since Mommi and I had never participated in a Flyball tournament EVER, Auntie Sharon had to show us what to do. I had to go meet a scary man and get measured. They measure me really wierd, not like in agility. This man measured my leg. I did NOT like him touching me, at all. We had not been properly introduced!

Yippee had to be measure too, but he's older than I am, and he is a TERRIER. He let that man touch him with no problems.

Yippee was the first one to race. He ran right up and back. Auntie Sharon was very happy. Mommi was very happy, too.

Then, it was my turn. We did a couple of warm-up jumps, and then this ref-free asked my mommi if we were ready?

READY? READY for WHAT? Don't make me run all the way down there by myself against that dog I do not know!!!! OH, then we got into the starting position and there were flashing lights, and mommi was telling me to get ready to go.

There are 4 lights, just like in drag racing. The first one is red, yellow, yellow, and then green. The purpose is doggies are supposed to cross the start line right when the light turns green! Well, mommi and I suck on that part, as we never did that before. But, I did the best I could and I ran down, grabbed the ball, and ran back without dropping the ball or running off. Everyone was very happy and very proud! You would have thought I won all the races in the world, momi was so happy!

Rubie was the last of us to race and she ran off a couple of times, but she came right back. Auntie Sharon was really, really happy about that.

We went bacy to the trailer and we had a great pawty. We got extra treats and everything! We doggies were so happy and Auntie Sharon and mommi were so happy, too.

We left Illinois and it was great. When we got back home the weather was even nice. I was sooo happy when we turned into our house and saw Katie and Sammie I could barely contain myself.

Mommi said next time, Katie is going to do flyball too. (Katie doesn't like to listen too much, and sometimes runs off). I know we cannot wait until the next time we get to go Flyball.

I cannot wait until tonight to tell all the other doggies in flyball class abou last weekend!! I am now a true flyball dog.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flyball Tournament, Part 1

HI everydoggie!!

I had a great weekend. It was filled with drama, excitement, danger, drama.....

First, mommi and Auntie Sharon had signed Rubie, Yippie (Auntie Sharon's kids) and me up for a u-fli Flyball tournament. We were going to do single dog racing, and none of us had done it before. I have to tell you pals, I was NERVOUS. I wanted to do everything just perfectly and not mess up.

On Friday nights, we practice flyball with everydog, and it is always loud with everydog barking and such. All the other doggies are talking trash to each other saying they are faster and are better, especially Maverick and Katie. When they race each other, they are always barking and being very loud. I sometimes bark when Katie is barking because I always tell her that it isn't nice to say such things. They are always barking that the other "is a slow poke! BRING it on! EAT MY DUST, you pup", etc. Katie calls Mav an old codger, and then, that makes Mav REALLY mad and he says that he will be down and back before she even starts. I can't even repeat what Sammie says, and he isn't practicing flyball right now!! But, mommi says not to listen that he's just got a sailor terrier mouth. Anyway, I am digressing....

Here is a picture of another dog doing flyball, as we are still in the process of switching computers. You can see that it is very fast.

Flyball August 27 008

It started raining really, really hard on Friday and mommi was saying that there were some really bad storms coming. Sammie doesn't like these storms at all and goes into his bomb shelter behind the couch. He never wants to come out until he knows for sure that the storms have passed on by. It rang a LOT that night. During breaks in the storm when he would come out of the shelter, he was drawing up plans for making even more modifications to the VW.

It rained so much that mommi said that we might not be able to go to the tournament because it was flooding everywhere. Since we were going to take Auntie Sharon's van and RV trailer, it might be too much. But, Auntie Sharon called and said the coast was clear and let's try to go.

I have to tell you pals, I was not too keen on going out in such weather. I don't like water all that much. I don't like to go out in the rain, but mommi said to just come on or she would take someone else. Well, that would not have been fun for me!!!! This was going to be my first tournament and I just HAD to go. She was really insistent, so I put on my life vest and followed mommi on out. We said good-bye to Katie and Sam who were arguing about the modifications to the VW.

Just a short piece from our house, the water was coming across the road. I didn't like to too much and I told mommi that we should turn around. She didn't listen. We just went right on through the water! I was really nervous, but mommi said everything was OK. She said, look it is just a couple inches of water, nothing to worry about.

We had to go a long way to get to Auntie Sharon's house. I thought we were never going to get there. I kept telling mommi that, too. But, again she didn't listen. Then, we were really close to where Auntie Sharon lives. There was water RUSHING across the road. In fact, the water was going waaaaay up on cars. I tried to point that out to mommi, but she didn't listen. All she said was, "Don't worry, we are in a truck." I am telling you doggies, this water was moving fast across the street. Water is not supposed to be on the street. We weren't in the VW!! The VW has floatation devices!!! And, I don't think our truck did! MOMMI, don't do it. MOMMI, this truck isn't a Johnny boat!!! STOP. That is as wide as the M-i-ss-i-ss-pp-i Riber!!

We went across the river that was rushing over the street. I just knew that we were going to get washed away and end up in the ocean! Mommi calls me a worrywart, but someone had to be!!! Mommi was being very foolish. Oh sure, there were all these other vehicles going through the water. Do you have to do everything everyone else does, mommi? Mommi kept saying that the water wasn' t that deep yet and we were going through it. It was only a few inches. Finally, we got across that river that was like 1,000 miles wide. We went another million miles to Auntie Sharon's house.

Auntie Sharon lives on hill, and she has an agility field down below. We looked over and saw that the agility field was just an island and the water was rushing like a zillion miles an hour into the lake. I was just glad that we were way up high on top of the ravine!

Auntie Sharon and mommi said it was time to get going, and I had to get into a crate next to Yippee. I was not happy being in Auntie Sharon's van, in a strange crate, without any of my stuff AND having to sit next to Yippee. I just stared holes into my mommi's back to let her know how unhappy I was! Everydog knows I don't do well with change!!!

So, we started the gazillion mile ride to Illynoise. I will be in this crate furever!

Sorry for the lack of photos, as mommi forgot her camera. :(

Part II coming soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



At last, my mother has finally left her computer and I can blog. We still have to transfer some photos and get a network going so we can use the other computer, as well. But, we are back.

For now, we will just use some old photos that we had uploaded before. Of course, what would a post be without MY photo?


I do not know what my mother's problem is with this new Mac Laptop. As for myself, I love it. It's portable, I can go anywhere with out that fat cow Katherine constantly looking over my shoulder and I can blog in PEACE.

However, sometimes I get too much peace and relax too much.


Snore, snore, snore

Ahhhhh... I am visiting dreamland and my favorite thing...


Visiting my pal, Mr. Rat.

Oh wait.....

I think I feel asleep instead of blogging!!! My apologies.