Thursday, July 22, 2010

Athletic Endeavors

Ahhh, hello mates.

Yes, again, we have been MIA. But, I must tell you that since our last meeting I made my flyball debut with outstanding results! However, I am sure my dear friends knew that whatever I do, I do with style and success.

Over the July 4th weekend, I went with my flyball team to Sandusky, Ohio and the Fur In A Blur tournament. This was my debut to run on a team. Of course, I walked in with my usual self confidence. I was measured in to determine my jump height. You see, since I am one of the shorter members of the team, it is imperative that I am measured properly. I came in under 16 inches, so it was a thumbs up.

I shared the height dog spot with my dear friend Scrubby, an older Sheltie. Scrubby has many trick to relay to me, but every time I tried to talk to him about his experiences, he was off to find a treat from one of the hoomans.

My mother, sigh... oh, she tries. However, she ruined 2 of my runs by making a mistake. I guess she should have had more training. Luckily, the other hoomans are assisting her.

Pals, I ran like the wind every time it was my turn. I raced to the box, grabbed the ball, and raced back to the end. Unfortunately, no one was able to document my historic runs, and we will have to wait until Auntie can attend a flyball tournament in October. I have another tournament next Sunday and I am sure I will set the place on fire.

In an earlier tournament a couple of months ago, I was running a single dog race all weekend. Oh, it was fun. I raced against other dogs. It was extremely exhilarating. And, not only was I recognized for my sheer speed and stature, I also received a very special award. I received a reward for "Most Unusual Dog." I was ill prepared for my acceptance speech, as I did not even know I had been nominated. Before I knew it, MY MOTHER went to accept the reward on my behalf. WHAT?? In the introduction, I briefly heard them say something about "We're giving this award to Sam, the wire fox terrier. None of us have ever seen a wire fox terrier do flyball. They are a rare breed in this."

Well, hoomans.. OF COURSE I am a rare breed. I think hey were just so amazed at my talent and sheer athleticism that they had to honor me. Everyone seemed to be quite pleased with their selection, but I feel I was a shoe-in for this award. What do you think, friends?

As a result of my racing skills in Sandusky, I have new initals after my name for my flyball title, FDX. After all, Zorra is only an FD in flyball. LOL.

Until next time,