Monday, September 29, 2008

New adventures

Hello pals,

Oh, we have much to tell you!

Katherine recently competed in Rally-O for the first time last week. She and mother did quite well in their first outing. They received a qualifying score, and Katherine has the first leg of her Rally Novice title. Only two more to go!

We have all been practicing hard in our agility classes. Soon, we are afraid that one of our classes will be ending, as it is held outside. It gets dark during our class time and we don't know how much longer the teacher will keep the class. BOO. We love agility! We did hear Mother talk about fencing in more of the yard, but it will be strictly for agility. NO tunnels. (BOO.) NO digging (BOO). We can only be in that section when we are practicing. She found someone to make us a dog walk and an A frame, so we are saving our pennies and nickels to help her purchase them for the spring. WOO HOO.

Zorra is doing very well in Agility, and she's going to go to an agility trial by herself in November. I dont' think that is fair, but mother said that was just the way it is. We all are going to be in a trial in December, and we cannot wait. I have been working very hard in agility so I can compete more, myself.

For myself, I went to my first real flyball class on Friday. I did remarkably well. So well, in fact, that I was able to start working on the box. I am learning how to do a swimmer's turn on the box.

I also had to start working at my grandparent's store again. They have nearly finished the renovations, and reopened the store. I spen the entire day on Sunday working, greeting people, talking with them, and generally being the best salesman ever.

Of course, most people are THRILLED to meet me, as if they have never met a more wonderful WFT. But, one of the best things was I made a new friend on Sunday. This cute little Maltese came into the store with her parents. Her name is Mable. Oh, how cute she was!! I tried to jump up to look at her more closely, but she was firmly in her dad's arms and.... if you can believe this... pretended to ignore me! Can you believe that? I wish Mother had her camera at the time so she could have taken a photo of sweet Mable.

Well, I hope that the girls and I can snag the computer away from mother more. She's always working on it. GRRR. Hope to see you soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Me Me Me

Hi bloggies!

Wow, my mom got some mail today, and it was photos from a recent trial. They were all of ME.

You know, I just love a good tunnel. My mom has a bunch of photos of me coming out of the tunnel. That is because I am always smiling. I LOVE tunnels. I love agility. But, I like doing it MY way.

Here's an action shot of me going over a jump. This is called "slicing" because I am going at an angle. I was doing a serpentine, which is a 3 jump series or so, and you go through them like a snake. I LOVE serpentines.

Here I am going on the tetter totter. Don't let my serious look trick you. I love the teeter. See, my tail is wagging. I was just trying to decide if I was going to run off the end or not, and give my mom a heartattack. BOL. I like to hear it BOOM on the end. It makes me BOL.

Tomorrow, me and Mom are trying something new - Rally O. We have never competed in that before. It is like obedience, but a ton more fun. We'll let you know how it goes!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Two headed dog?

We went over to wish Tanner a happy barkday, but it looks like some sorcerer cast a spell on Joey and Tanner? What the HBO word happened? They look like they only have 2 heads now. Let's hope that Joey will remain in charge.

Maybe they are auditioning for the next Harry Potter movie?
Anway, Happy Barkday Tanner. We hope you have a good one, and can overcome this dilemma.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Paws in the Park Day

Hello Pals!

I simply must tell you of the grand time that we had recently. Every year, Mother takes us to Paws in the Park. Oh, we have a wonderful time. It is a day mostly for dogs. For those hoomans who are looking to expand their family, they can adopt a dog or cat. (This is where we first met Avery. Don't forget to vote!)

The day is chocked full of marvelous events. There's a doggie dash, musical mats, talent show, frisbee contest, and many other fab things to do. One of our favorites is FASTEST NOSE. The premise of this event is to find a hot dog amongst all these shoes. Of course, I knew that I would be outstanding in this event, and was delighted when Mother and I went to the gate.

Mother asked the nice gentleman at the gate to allow me to get the scent (like I didn't know what a hot dog smelled like. Sometimes Mother is so simple!) The fellow allowed me a small whiff of the ambrosia, and I got a bit carried away and tried to take a small sample, but he did not oblige. He went through the gate ahead of us and "hid" the morsel in a random shoe.

Here is the form of a hunter stalking his quarry. Notice the form. Head low, eyes keen, feet nimble. Ears alert. A hunter........

The scent becomes more pronounced. Oh, I will find you hot dog treat. Your days are numbered!!

I have zeroed in on the exact footwear. There it is. Yes, I have narrowed the field down. Soon, the succulent hot dog will be MINE!!

Oh, that little scamp hot dog has hopped over into this pile. The gentleman who placed the treat in the shoe was very crafty. He tried to put me "off the scent." Ah ha. I am too wise for this trick. I shall overcome this small diversion.

Ahhh, yes. Here it is. See how my nose is deep into this sneaker!! Aha....

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! I am TAKING OVER this post. Sam is really telling you a HUGE, BIG FAT TALE. I will tell the true version.

Sam couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag! He never found the piece of hot dog after a whole minute, sixty whole seconds! Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

In fact, here is the real picture of him. He sniffed around for a little bit, then started sniffing everywhere else! Then... do you know what he did????!!! I was soooo embarrassed. Sigh...... he lifted his LEG in the corner. Once again, mommi had to go and get him because of his inappropriate bathroom habits.

I am part beagle. The nice man let me sniff the hot dog treat and I knew exactly what I was looking for. I followed the nice man's footsteps by following his scent. I have great beagle form.

Oh boy, I know that hot dog is here. I can really smell it good now!

Ta Daaa. Here it is. Let's see... what was my TIME, Sammy??!! 5.6 seconds?????

Oh, and here is the little piece of hot dog that Sammy couldn't find. BOL. BOL. More for me!

Oh, and by the way, Sammy would never tell you this, but I had the best time on the Fastest Nose event. BOL.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi everybloggie,

Long time no see. Well, don't blame us. Blame our MOM. She hasn't let us blog, and we gots tons to tell you.

First, we have set up a survey. You see, one of our flyball pals, the Mightly Quinn, does husky rescue with his mom. Here's Quinn with one of his kitty bros. Quinn is a good guy, he doesn't get too upset with I yell at him, or Sam body slams a greeting. Zorra really likes Quinn, as he was her first boyfriend.

Quinn's mom is campaigning to have the pup below, Avery, come live with us. Avery is probably part husky and maybe part schnauzer. Two breeds that don't listen. Mom says she already has 2 dogs that don't listen, me and Sam. BOL. I listen always, I just choose not to respond. Sam, he's just a goober.

Now, my mom is not sure she wants to have another pup here right now. She's pretty much against it, but I say.. HEY want is one more. As long as this pup minds her p's and q's and knows that I am in charge, it could be OK.

Zorra, she votes a NO. Zorra is not big on change, and this could put her over the edge.

Sam, he doesn't seem to mind as long as Avery isn't cuter than he is.

Anyway, Quinn's mom is actively supporting Avery's move to our house. Look what she did!!

I think that is supposed to symbolize how great Avery would fit in. I put a survey up near the top of the page, vote if you want. It could be fun.

We'll keep you updated, plus let you know what we have been up to in the next few days!

In the meantime, go on over and read all about Avery and Quinn, and crack baby Mickey. Quinn's mom has a lot of funny things to write about, and we think you will get a hoot out of her stories as well. You can read about it here. Tell Quinn hi for us!