Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We're all ready to take Air Ruby and go to Blue's Howllloween party today. Sam and I cannot wait. Zorra is shivering like a baby because she's already so scared. But, that is because I looked up everybody's vampire name. This is GREAT!


Your Vampire Name Is...

Damon of Austria


Your Vampire Name Is...

Violet the Morbid


Your Vampire Name Is...

High Priestess of Trannsylvania

We thought those were funny, well not Zorra. She's worried about silver bullets and silly stuff like that.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dog's eye view of agility

Hi guys,

Just a quick note from me, as I want to go get a lot of rest before Blue's pawty 2morrow. I am pwetty scared about it, Neeway. I also didnt like that Katie and Sammie made me dress up. :( But, I dont want them to leaf me alone on Howlloween. So, I'm goin' 2.

Neeway, you guys all no we luv agility. N case you hafnt seen this, here is what it looks like 2 us.


Halloween costumes

Hello bloggerland,

We have been scrambling to put the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes, and we hope that you will enjoy them.

I will come as Uncle Sam.

Katherine is dressed up as to how she sees herself, a princess.

Zorra in disguise

Zorra would not dress up, however, Katherine and I made her. We think we did a fine job.

We are ready for Howwwwllloooooweeeen

Monday, October 29, 2007


Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a while because I got a little bummed. First, Sammie got all the attention this weekend with his trip to Disney World (I'm sure that is what he's talking about. He said everything was enchanted.).

And, last week at my agility lesson, my teacher Janet said I didn't know how to jump properly. That really bummed me out. I have been running and jumping all my life, but I guess to be really good at agility, it is a little different. But, the good thing is I get to spend more time with MOM!! Woo hoo. She will be watching me jump and helping me out with the drills and such. So, that means more play time with MOM!

So, I got excited about it, and decided that I wanted to dress up for Halloween. I am looking for my princess costume, but this will have to do for now.

Glitter Halloweeny Katie
Add Glitter to your Photos

Don't worry about the dripping blood. It is fake (It isn't Sammie's..... yet). Hee hee.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Twilight Zone...... doo dee dooo doo

Good evening bloggerland....

I was away for the weekend with my mother, sans sisters (woo hoo). We arose at a very alarming hour on Saturday and my mother drug me from my nice, toasty bed with the promise of "having fun." I fell asleep shortly to the humm of the engine and tires.

When I awoke from my nap and went inside the building, I felt I had entered the TWILIGHT ZONE. I quickly looked around for other pups that I knew, but saw none. Then, I noticed it. All the dogs there were smaller than I! There were small crates and dog items everywhere. There were high pitched yips and howls. There were bouncing yorkies that kept jumping up to see over their X-pen. I looked for some order to this chaos. I looked up at my mother, and she seemed normal. She was conversing some drivel to a woman holding a bundle of fur in a pink blanket. I was not sure WHAT that was, but it had a scent of a dog (If I could trust my nose and senses, that is). This all seems so real, but it MUST be a dream!

My mother and I started our usual pre-run routine, and I shrugged off my uneasiness. I was trying to pay the appropriate amount of time paying attention to her, and would give the obligatory response (occasionally) so I could get my treat. When we went up to the start, I heard a man say "This is the only BIG DOG." Well, of course, I thought it was quite appropriate for him to say that I was a big dog, and waved at him with appreciation. Oh, how I loved that. Of course I am a BIG DOG! I am a WFT.

When we got out on the course, I KNEW I was in the twilight zone. All the obstacles had shrunk. (Normal size is on the left in the photos below).

I was so put off by this mad, mad dream that I refused to participate logically and ran around and around trying to wake myself up. I mean, everything was so small. I heard the judge say, "Oh, he's just confused, poor guy." Poor guy, my bum! I was trying to find my way out of this nightmare. Where was my tall A-frame that I can tower above my mother to look down upon her. This A-frame didn't even go to her shoulder!!! After each encounter into that enchanted agility ring, my mother would say encouraging words to me, and tell me we would try again. WHAT?! I don't ever want to go back. I tried to snap her out of this daze of hers but doing exactly opposite of what she asked or just running around. I even went up to the judge several times during the agility runs to beg her to take the spell off she had cast over me and my mother. It was for naught.

I tried to run away from the dream for well into the next day. Everything always seemed normal when we LEFT that building, but when we returned again today, I entered the TWILIGHT ZONE. And, it started again. Everyone was referring to me as the large dog, the great dane of the trial. Oh, I had just about had enough of these people and their torture. So, I thought about what would make my mother snap out of this zombie like state of hers. Surely, once she is again herself, she will notice that everything is way too small.

I thought, and thought, and thought, and then it hit me. I knew exactly what to do. Oh, I started out the course just like a few weeks ago by doing what my mother asked. Then, I got on the dogwalk. I promptly squatted right on the dogwalk (which the example of the dogwalk is similar to a bridge), dead center, and left everyone a small, smelly token of my appreciation of this nightmare. Ah HA. I heard my mother come out of her dazed state and say.. OH MY GOODNESS. I wasn't quite done with my donation, and I was flipped up with my bumm in the air. I heard a rouse of laughter from the audience and someone giving my mother some paper towels. She still seemed unfathomed by my actions, or the small equipment. In fact, I heard the judge say that she had NEVER seen any dog do that right in the middle of the dogwalk. The dogwalk, and I, were merely cleaned up and the trial went on.

I realized then that there was nothing I could do but just go with the flow. ON the last run of the day, I just went over to the dark side and actually completed the course and earned a qualifying score. My mother seemed happy with that, and I was hoping that she would just let us go home.

After further investigation on my part, I summized that we went to a Teacup Trial. When I heard my mother talking about this previously, I thought all the doggies were going to do some agility, then have a tea party! Oh, was I mistaken.

The word "teacup" was in reference to the size of the dogs! This entire event has completely worn me out, and I must rest before I can go on. I know that Katherine is QUITE upset that she stayed home today and I will probably have to pay in some form or the other, but I will relay my experiences to her and try to convince her that I now, have that power, too. That, I can shrink anything I want to, since I was at a teacup agility trial.....

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hello Bloggerland,

A few days ago, I published a small article on how my mother was totally mistaken regarding the entire "mud incident." As a result, she felt compelled to bathe me. She had called up my girlfriend at THE SPA (my favorite place in the world), but was unable to secure an appointment for me for several weeks.

Needless to say, she scrubbed me until I was sure I was bald!!! Then, once my locks had dried, I had acquired some sort of afro on my head!! I am begging her to please, please, don't try this at home again. She does not have the training to properly coif my 'do. I am having an extremely bad hair day. In fact, I look poooooofy all over. I look like a sheep. I just hope don't come across any of the herding breeds before my day at the SPA.

I pleaded with Katherine to help me with my fur, to assist in returning it to its proper style. She said she was too tired. Yet, she was running quite quickly later in our agility practice?? (She is just irate at me because I called her an improper name earlier).

I asked sweet, little Zorra to help out her favorite brother... but she said she was too comfy... And, that I should just buck up and live with it. (I doubt those were her words, but Katherine's... I'll get her).

I even asked one of my idiotic kitty siblings (Dakota) for assistance. She had just eaten and couldn't move.... She was saving her strength for something really worth while. I say what is more worthwhile in life, but my fur NOT being in an afro. It is just not my look.

So, I'm stuck in afro land for 2 weeks until I can get to the groomer! Unless.... I go for another toure de mud! Or, I am hitching a ride into town for some mousse. Is anyone going my way?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cold Cold

Hi everybody. I have not blogged for a while, as I tend to do the blog maintenance and links and such. And, I haven't had a lot to blog about. But, let me tell you, I am cold, cold, cold today.

I am nice and toasty in the house, and I just want to stay in my bed all nice and warm.

I'm not coming out until Spring!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rainy Days and Tuesdays....

Earlier today, I was outside playing and stretching my limbs and merely getting my afternoon exercise. However, after a while I grew lonely for my mother and sisters and wanted to return inside......I barked for my mother to let me in. Apparently, there was something amiss with her vision, as she could not see me. Her sight was rather cloudy.

I called for her again. Ahhhhh eye contact.

I rushed in. I was so happy to see her. Hello mother!! Hello!! I am just so happy to see you. I must give you smooches..... However, my mother was speaking sternly to me for some unknown reason. Then, I looked over to where my mother was pointing.....


I looked around to see who was so irresponsible as to jump up on the furniture at all, let alone with muddy paws.

I looked and looked, trying to find the miscreant. Hmmmm, no one over there looking guilty..... Why is my mother looking at the floor???

UH oh.............. (heavy music rising to it's peak). I am quickly thinking of how to blame this on Katherine, but she's no where in sight... drat. Ahhhh.. the old hanging head in shame.... that will do it.... And.... the ever popular without a doubt, no getting in trouble......

(drawing from my magnificient acting skills, thinking of what it is like to be out of treats, or left alone with Katherine in charge... eyes welling with remorse.... there, I have the look now) I slowly raise my head and say


Humans are bizarre

I am posting as my mother is finally asleep. In browsing the internet, I found this silly, silly site. What is up with that? Why would you wear MEAT on your HEAD. Seriously, maybe some of these silly humans can explain this to me??!!

Crikey! I would prefer dining on the meat. These humans on the site are definitely off their trolley. They are totally out of their gourds! I must stop thinking about all that meat on a silly human's head! If I should see someone with meat on their head, I would have to simply jump up, grab it and run off, eating as I go. (I am quite good at that). On to other topics before I go totally insane over this meat matter.........

I went to visit my grandparents at their store in Metamora, Indiana. I love to go visit my grandparents, especially my grandmother and I love to give her lots of smoooches. The reason for our trip was that my mother was assisting putting up fall decorations. I wanted to help, too.

Here I am taking the corn stalk to my mother....

Oh, she is not ready for it yet. I will just carry it around.....

This corn stalk is becoming rather unruly!!!

I will need to teach this corn stalk a lesson!!

AH HA I have tamed the wild beast!!

OOOPS.. maybe mother will not notice the broken cornstalk?! (wire smile)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Agility night

Hi. As all you guys know by now, we like agility. On Mondays, we borrow Grandma and Grandpa's van because our cuz Calvin also comes with us. We meet our Auntie at agility class. Calvin just started a few months ago, and he is learning how to be an agility dog, too. We all get in the van with mom and we try to be as good as we can. Sometimes, when we are good, we get a treat in the car. Today we got chicken and we all liked it a lot.

Tonight Z and I went to our agility class. We did GREAT. We love Mondays because we get to see all our friends. We all sniff each other to see what everyone has been doing, and then we wait our turn to take a run. Sometimes my mom messes up and Auntie Sharon, who is our teacher, makes her do it over. HE HE HE. I, of course, always do it correctly because I am GREAT. My mom is a little slow at picking up where the course is sometimes.

I ran really fast because my mom was yelling and running with me, and I like that. I call it "runnin' loud and proud." I like running fast and LOUD. I did the weaves really, really fast and everyone clapped because I was GREAT.

Auntie Sharon also makes her own treats which all us doggies die for. No one else can make them like her, and we are so lucky when she gives us some in class. We all go nuts for them. They taste so good. She makes them out of liver and sometimes she puts cheese in with them, too.

Zorra was in the class after mine, and she did GREAT, too. She's not as good as me yet, but she is working on it. She doesn't like the teeter too much, but she really tried hard to get faster on it tonight.

The only bad part about tonight is that it is raining, and it rained all the way to class and back. It made me sleepy watching the raindrops. But, I don't sleep in the car. Mom needs help driving. I am not sure she knows how to get home, so I keep a close watch on where we are. When we get close to someplace that I like, I start wagging my tail so she knows that we should slow down and turn in. Zorra, she likes to sleep in the car.

Oh, by the way, I did not harm Sam when I found out he was going to an agility trial and I wasn't. He's just a little pip-squeak and I told him so. We did get into a little tiff because he took my favorite toy and would not give it back. So, we had a "disagreement." We were working it out amongst ourselves, but mom came and took the toy away and put it up. Now, no one has it. Gee, thanks Sammie. :( She'll probably forget about it and let ME have it later.

Sammie is sort of cross tonight because he doesn't get to go on Mondays. Mom told him he had to babysit for Honeycomb, our littlest cousin. Sammie cried when we left and it always makes mom feel really sad when she hears him cry. I always say... "Shake it off - It's OUR time to rock and roll." But, she give Sam some special time alone after we come back, so he likes that.

Well doggie bloggie friends, I must sign off because I am very tired. It's time to catch some zzzzzzzsss.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


OH dear me... Katherine read the blog regarding the teacup trial, and I believe she is sharpening her teeth on Big Mean Kitty. I fear she intends to do me harm? I certainly hope that mother will step in if there is any alarm for bloodshed. Although, I can get some good nips in. (wire smile)

Until she calms down, I will hide in the pumpkin. SHHHHHHHHHHH.


Hi everybody! Everyone else is owtside playin', but I am in wif my mommie for a little bit. She's off doin' something else and I got on the 'puter wifout her knowin.

Here is a funny pic of Katie when she was throwin' a fit one day. She will be mad when she finds out dat I posted. But, I don't care. It is funny.

She wuz mad about sumthin'. Katie is a drama queen. She's gonna be really mad when she finds out Sammie gets to go to an agility trial all by hisself. It is a teacup trial for little dogs. He says he isn't a little dog, but he is. He fits under the max height. You have to be under 17" tall at the shoulder. I am too tall by 1/2 inch. :( Katie is really, really too big. And, boy is she gonna be mad. Sammie will prolly blurt it out, and then there will be a big fight. That won't be good.

We been gettin' a lot of new friends, and everyone is happy about that. We like makin new pals and such.

We didn't get to go nowhere yesterday. We jest stayed at home all day. We thought for sure we were gonna get to go somewhere, but mommie never left. We was outside playin' all day because it was so nice. We were playing wif 2 of our cousins, Honeycomb and Calvin. Mommie said we should stay outside and play because it was nice weather. We had fun, but we wanted to be inside wif mommie. She prolly wuz gettin' lonely and all.

Drat, mommie came back and said it is time to go outside with everyone else. She has to use the puter for werk. She werks from home and sometimes has to werk on the weekend. ;( Poor mommie.

Hi to all our pals and we will talk to you later.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Oh, last night I had a splendid time at agility class. We were unable to attend our Thursday class, as it is held outside and it was raining dreadfully. But, on Fridays, I attend an agility class, alone, with my mother. It is inside, so we always have class. My sisters normally have Flyball class immediately following, but they did not have class last evening. It was just a delightful time alone with my mother.

I love to go to class and meet with all my girlfriends. Often, as it was last night, I am the only male there. (Heaven for me). I have so many lovely ladies to choose from to adore with my affection. However, I am puzzled as to why some of the ladies just walk on by. I am doing my very best tricks for them, but they stroll on. I am just assuming that is a matter of age with some of them, as I am the youngest in class.

But, last night, a little corgi, Maizee, whom I have been chasing for quite some time allowed a kiss. I was elated. I think I have won her over. I do hope she does not talk to her sister corgi, Poppi Sue, who was at class last weekend. Poppi Sue allowed me to kiss her last week. I do hope I do not cause strife.

Oh, what am I saying?! I tried to kiss all the girls last night. I was just sooo happy to see them after an entire week. Danni, (a min pin) did not care for my advances at all. I was quite puzzled as to her mood, but her mother said not to worry about it. She was just a bit cross. I tried to inquire as to why, but Danni only scoffed at me some more.

My agility runs were spectacular. I ran and jumped magnificiently. I even jumped, with ease, a jump that was at 22" that was quite tall for me. I can compete with the big dogs, if they would only let me.

When I arrived back home, my sisters were very distraught that I was allowed to go without them. I tried to explain calmly and rationally that their Flyball class was canceled, but they surmised that it was a conspiracy, and I had somehow had tricked mother. Luckily, mother had some wits about her last night and explained to the girls that there was no class for them, but we could all go next week. I think that Katherine doesn't exactly trust me. (Wire grin)

I wonder what joys will be in store for us all today. We all will blog about it later!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Morning!!

Good morning everyone! Wow, we are meeting some nice folks here in bloggerland. I saw Sam (who hacked into my account) and Zorra posted some photos of themselves doing agility. I had to, too. After all, I am really GREAT at agility. I LOVE it.
We don't have any agility trials for a while, which is NOT great. I don't like staying home. :( I like to be on the go. I am an action kinda girl. Today, I think I will run around outside and jump and play with everyone outside. I hope my mom will set up some of our agility or flyball equipment after she gets done working so we can have some fun together.
Sam is looking at some video that mom took during some runs. I think he is going to try to post it to the blog. He will probably edit it to make himself look really good. HA. Everyone knows that I am the best!
Well, bloggers, there are some birds outside that I better go bark at.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My turn

I wanna post a pickture of myself too. I don't wanna be left out of the gang. I like agility too. Look at me. I'm gettin kinda tired, so I am off to bed. Bloggin is hard werk.

At last, At last!

While Katherine was sleeping, I managed to hack into her account and make my own login! No more signing in under her name. No need for HER to receive credit for my work. After all, I know the world is eagerly awaiting my thoughts and muses on life. I haven't had this kind of freedom since I posted last on Dogster. I am a gifted wordsmith, as I am sure you can already determine.

I believe I would like to start out by reminiscing about my life and my family. First, my sisters and I all do agility. I would like to post photos so you can see me (mostly) in action. As you can see, I am quite light on my feet, and I move like the wind. I am ever so graceful, and I must say, everyone stops to watch ME. I am well on my way to super stardom and will spread the joys of the wires wherever I go. After all, I AM quite dashing and debonair.

My sisters, my kitty siblings and I live in a rural area where we are allowed to bark and run (in a large, enclosed fence of course) as much as we want. Which, I must say is quite agreeable with me. Before I came to live with my family, I resided in a city where I was most likely destined for trouble. You see, I love to dig and dig, as most wires do. Here out in the country I am free to dig at will, and oh, oh, oh do I dig. I shall post a few photos for your review. There are so many things to do during the day, that at night I immediately fall asleep at bedtime and dream of large bones and rubber balls to play with all night long.

Cruisin' the net

After my mom went to bed last night, I started cruising the net with Zorra and Sam. We found a great blog and met a spiffy WFT bloke. We added him to our places we like to sniff list.

I added a guest book, and we would really like it if everyone signed it that reads our blog!

Today, we certainly are hoping that the rain will stop so we can go have an agility lesson. We love agility! Sam, as you can tell, thinks highly of himself.

Let me tell you, I think agility is GREAT! I just love all the running and jumping and climbing. I especially love tunnels. They are like a rocket launcher! I have been working toward some titles, but my mom says that isn't really important. She is just glad I found a job! She's nuts! I have lots of jobs. I have to make sure all these kids are towing the line here. Sam take ALOT of looking after. Plus, I have to look after all the humans, guard everything that I can see and more. I am the neighborhood barker, along with Zorra and Sammie. I am the resident begger of pats on the head and belly. I am a dancer and a trick learner, and just a general all around good girl. Just ask me! It's GREAT being me.

It is getting cooler, and this is my kind of weather. I am hoping to drag my mom out for some tracking. We love to go tracking in the field behind our house.

Our Auntie is going away for the weekend, so we are babysitting for her kids, Sandy, Sweetie, Calvin and Honeycomb. They just started a blog, too. You can check it out here .

I just heard something crash in the other room, so I better go see what those kitties have done. a NSDTR's work is never done!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flyball... My sport

Hi everyone. I wanted to show everyone my favorite sport.... Flyball. Me and Katie love it! Especially me. I love to chase balls. So, this video will have to do until my mommy gets one of me and Katie and maybe annoying Sam doing flyball. Oh, btw, it is loud! I was on youtube, and I found this one. I like it because there are hound dogs and one of the dogs running looks like Katie. AND, AND, none look like Sammie.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sam's rantings

Oh, hello everyone. Sam, here. Katherine is lounging on the sofa, and I am hacking into her blog to give it credence and a sense of style.

Over the past weekend, we all attended an agility tournament, in which I was the star by far. I gracefully completed a USDAA Snooker run with ease and earned a Qualifying score. I had a wonderful time running through the course, although it is not exactly how my mother intended, nor how she directed. However, pish posh!!! I plotted a much better course, and managed to complete it successfully and within the allotment of time! It was my first USDAA qualifying score, and my mother seemed quite proud and slightly out of breath. The poor girl just couldn't keep up with me. She will need to work on that.

Katherine also had three qualifying scores, completing two of her USDAA titles and will move up to PII in Gamblers and Pairs. She also had a qualifying score in Snooker. Our mother seemed quite pleased with her performance, but I could point out criticisms and points to work on, if only Katherine would listen.

Little Zorra had quite a show, but she did not have any qualifying runs this time. In my opinion, our mother was the cause of this. She zigged when she should have zagged and caused Zorra stress. I must talk to mother about this, as Zorra also wants to "Q" in USDAA.

I must bid you adieu for now, as Katherine is perhaps waking up from a nap.


Sam ASTA-fari Joe

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello and Welcome!

Hi everybody and welcome to my blog! My name is Katie and I am a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. I like to do agility, dance, and flyball. But, my favorite thing is riding in the car with my mom and going to agility trials. They are great!

I have an older sister, Ruthie. She is a Beagle/Pekingese mix. She just likes to lay around and sleep all the time.

I have a younger sister, Zorra. She is a Beagle/Foxhound mix and she is really shy. She tries to be tough, but I watch out for her mostly.

I also have a brother.... Sam. He's a wire fox terrier, and he is always on my last nerve. Just a word of warning, Sam will probably attempt to blog when I am not looking. So, don't listen to what he says, because he is always jabbering and no one listens to him anyway.

I also have 2 kitty sisters, Sabrina and Dakota, and a kitty brother, Harley. Dakota is always wanting to curl up next to me, and I have to really try NOT to chase her and give her a shake. I am not sure she is very bright!