Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today is my Barkday!

Hi everypup!

Today is my birthday. Well, as far as Mom can tell. I don't remember when I was born, but she thinks it was probably around May 14, and that date was one of her good friend's birthday who passed away, so she thought it was a good tribute.

I am having a great day so far, and the best thing is Mom and I are going to agility practice! Woo hoo. She said I could have some custard on the way home!! I am so excited, 2 of my favorite things in one day. What a lucky girl!

WE have been practicing flyball really hard, as we have a big tournament in 2 weeks. I am going all by myself with Auntie. Oh no... mom can't go, but she said I could go if Auntie took me. I hope Auntie is up to the challenge. We are going all the way to Michigan. I have never been there before. I hope Auntie knows the way!!

Here are some new friends I met last weekend, too. I went with my mom to work, and we took a walk. Theys guys were strange looking!!! But, strangely, they reminded me of ... me? At least the ears, huh?

I wasn't too sure about them, but I got a little closer to see if they were pups or what! They had long ears and collars, but man, are they bizarre looking. They also didn't smell like pups.

Then, this one told me she was a G-O-A-T. Well, I am not sure what that mean, so I just looked at her funny. But, they were nice. I will probably go see them again next time.

Anyway, happy barkday to me!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

working, working

Hello Pals,

Spring sprung in Metamora, and we are back in the swing of things. Again, I must go help mother and grandmother run the store. It's hard work, but some terrier has to do it. Katherine and Zorra sleep all day, so I must go make a living to support them and our hobbies.

One bright spot of working in Metamora is there are many, many things to see and do. Mother wanted to have a photo op over by the old sitting tree. OH, I managed to sit still for a moment and grace her with my photo.

We have been practicing our agility and flyball quite a bit, and we walked a few times with Auntie while she was training for the mini-marathon. We are so excited to let you know that she completed it! We are so proud. Now Mother must fork over some cash to the Indy Husky rescue for our cousin Avery's honor. BOL. Mother doesn't mind though, she is proud of Auntie, as well.

On a sad note, I recently learned that one of my mentors, Ralph, and very athletic and mischevious WFT went to the rainbow bridge. We are unsure of the details, but it was way too soon. He used to advise me on how to really make the hoomans crazy on the agility course by going right up to a jump or tunnel, then taking off at the last second to go to the corner and bark at someone. Good thoughts go out to his mom and dad and his sisters..... RIP Ralph, we barely knew ye.

We hope that we can chat, blog, and visit more often now. Mother isn't going to India and she promised not to hog the computer so much. After all, we need a voice! We'll be by to visit all of you soon.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Auntie is walking in her first 1/2 marathon tomorrow in Indianapolis. We certainly wish we could be there to bark her on!

We are terribly proud of Auntie for working so hard to walk in the mini! Woofs to her!!