Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching up

Hello Pals,

Just sniffing around to say hello. We have been pretty busy having a lot of fun lately, and haven't taken time to blog.

We went with our flyball mates to a demo in Brown County, In. It was the Dawg Gone Walk and Fiesta. We had a GRRRRREAT time showing all the other pups how flyball is done. It was raining and misting a lot during the afternoon, but that didn't stop us. We went out and did our stuff. Not only that, we got dirty! Woo hoo.

There were some pawsome games to play too at the Pet Walk. They had the best barker, which my mother entered me in right away. However, when we got around the other dogs, I didn't care for what they were saying, and decided if you can't say anything nice you should just keep your trap shut. Although my mother kept prompting me to bark and carry on like a hooligan, I refused. Finally, she asked me if a cat had gotten my tongue. RUBBISH. DaKota (our kitty sister) was not even along for the ride, how could she have taken my tongue? I decided not to even bring that to my mother's attention, as she seemed to be overtaken by competition. My astounding silence finally got through to her, and we left. As soon as we walked away from the competition area, I immediately turned around and told all those other dogs that they were just too loud.

Mother allowed us to enter other events. We entered the Sneaker Sniff, where we had to find a hot dog bit in the middle of a bunch of shoes. Zorra was very good at that, and had a fast time of just a tiny bit over 3 seconds. However, she was not the fastest sniffer. Some other dog beat her out.

We also entered the Fastest Fetch event, which we were timed on how fast we could bring a tennis ball back. Well, pals, I was very fast, of course. I came in second and got this swell medal. I was robbed from first place by my flyball teammate, Spirit. She beat me only because she had longer legs!

The ground was so wet that we were muddy from head to toe. Mother was whining that her shoes, socks and feet were wet. I say.. wash and wear like mine, Mother!

This past Saturday was a special treat for all of us. We got to meet our pal Lenny and, now, Axel's mom Kelley.

She allowed me to jump all over and give her tons and tons of smooches, as that is what we WFTs do. Katie was quite taken with her, as well. It was so delightful after all these years of blogging to each other that we were finally able to meet face to face.

Kelley had come to Metamora, IN to do the Towpath 10K Dash with my Auntie. Well, Kelley ran, and our Auntie walked. Mother was lazy and sat on a bench and waited for them both to finish. We spotted Kelley when she was walking over to us, as we were the only 3 dogs at the finish line, so she spotted us right away. I immediately knew who she was and started smooching her right away. She was so nice and I told Mother that we should meet up with her and Axel soon.

We had a grrrreat time Saturday morning, but the fun wasn't over. More in a later post!

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Molly the Airedale said...

You guys do know how to have the bestest fun! We've met Kelley before and we agree, she's a sweetheart! Axel is one lucky boy!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch