Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mother thinks she's quite clever. She posted her to her own blog horrid lies about ME!

I am not very happy with Mother anyway, and I WILL leave her a nice present when she's not looking. Katherine, Zorra, and mother are going to a flyball tournament and I am not going. I am so distraught. Mother says I need to stay home and take care of Auntie and go to work.

HURMPH. THAT does NOT sound like a GOOD TIME MOTHER. I shall bite you when you return on Sunday. Until then, however, I will be the best boy possible, so that when you think of me, you will think of fond memories while I plan my revenge.

1 comment:

Asta said...

How unfaiw
Leaving you at homeAND witing nasty things abou† you, and the whole time you awe an angel..you need to let hew know this is unacceptable
smoochie kisses