Thursday, March 13, 2008

Special Treat and a new walk of life

Hello all,

I have won, yet again, the chance to blog as I have the most to say today. First, I was delighted to hear that I had won a special treat from my Texas pals, Sparky, Cricket and Ginger. I had entered a photo contest and correctly guessed the mysterious stranger. There were other winners, too. I was not the only one. I won this very tasty treat, which I reluctantly shared with my sisters. THANK YOU, PALS!!!

I also started a new class last night. It is Rally-O. It's similar to obedience, but more fun, as they say. Anyway, I have been selected to go to class. MOther feels that if she can attend with me and get something out of it, Katherine and Zorra can learn only with her. We shall see. I am worried about Mother, actually. With this Rally-O, you have to READ signs on the floor. I am not sure that my mother can actually read that well. She kept asking the teacher questions! At one point, the teacher said, "well, I have never seen anyone do it quite like that, but it is allowed that way." Oh my! We are in trouble already!

I am afraid that Katherine may have to go with Mother at times, as it may be too much for me to actually see how dim-witted my mother can be sometimes. Oh, now we have to go do our homework so we can catch up with the rest of the class. Actually, MOTHER has to go do her homework. I, of course, am spectacular.


Amber-Mae said...

Congrats on your award! Oh, I also heard that Rally-O is much much more fun becoz the handlers can encourage their dogs all the way bur for OB, it's much more serious. The problem is, Malaysia don't so Rally-O. Malaysia is a little bit too serious I guess...hehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

BenTheRotti said...

Congrats on the treat.. looks yummy!

I've never heard of Rally-O but it sounds like fun, Not sure Mum is sharp enough to do it though.. although she would claim that I am the problem!! hehe

Ben xxx

Patience-please said...

Oh you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Rally! It is SO very much fun and the humans love it too.

It will help you learn to enjoy Agility as a team with your human!!
Do you love squeaky rats? They are life size rat toys with a squeaker and they are covered in REAL rabbit fur. No unsupervised play allowed (stingey humans) but GREAT attention getter/motivator!!!

wags from the whippets

River said...

HM & I wish we had Rally O down here - I know I'd be quite good at it but like you have doubts as the capability of the human part of the team!!


Fenrisar said...

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Agatha and Archie said...

Rally O sounds like fun!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear about it! Love A+A

Marvin said...

Just popped in to say farewell, not au revoir, but farewell.

Time has come to finish.

May life bring you all you wish.

love and many licks, Marvin xxxxx