Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HI! Agility Agility Agility

Hi everybloggie,

Sam is right. Mom is a computer hog. She says she is working, working, but I don't believe it. Anyway, I am giving her a slight break because she and I went to an agility trial on Sunday. Boy, did we do GREAT.


We had three runs, and guess what?! We qualified in all 3 runs, AND we got first place. We were so happy. Mom gave me one of my favorite treats after each run. It was MEATBALLS. That was the best part of the whole thing.

Not only that, all our agility buddies did great, too! It was such a good day. Agility is a lot like the saying, "Sometimes you are the windshield and sometimes you are the bug." This time, we were the windshield.

One of our agility instructors was also competing and Benny, her agility dog, got his MACH. That is a big title in AKC. We probably won't get a MACh because we don't compete in AKC that much. You have to be a purebred dog (or be able to get an ILP number, which means you may be a purebred but you don't have papers). Anyway, because Zorra isn't a purebred dog, we all don't compete much in AKC. She can't run agility trials in AKC, so pooh. :( That is why we like to do other agility venues so we can ALL play.

At one point, we thought we saw some of our friends! We saw an Airdale that looked a lot like Mitch (beard way too short for Maggie). He was great! He jumped high over all those jumps. We saw another boxer who looked alot like Peanut, too. There were a bunch of corgis like the Corgie girls (including Maizie, Sam's true love, who was there a the trial too). There were 2 goldens who looked like Amber and Chloe. AND, a dalmation who looked similar to Faith. Unfortunately for Sam, there were no WFTs. Mom said that maybe next time he could go.

We didn't get any photos, but one of our friends took a photo of me with my ribbons. As soon as she sends it to us, we will post it. We were really proud of ourselves.


Joe Stains said...

It is great that you guys did so well, but isn't it even better when your friends do well also! GOOD JOB!!

Kyanite said...

Well done Katie - you're becoming an agility diva.

Pats & pets to all

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Katie, congrats pal! J x