Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hiking, Hiking, and lots o' sniffing

Hello pals. Guess what.. this week, instead of working, mother and I went on a trail walk! Mother always wanted to walk a newly dedicated trail, the Whitewater Canal Trail in Metamora. We were in Metamora for a function that evening. But, we weren't working. Just mother and I went this time, but Katie and Zorra are coming the next time we go.

Come on!! Let's go!

Here is the start of the trail. It is a bit over 5 miles round trip. I was anxious to get started.

I met many strange creatures along the way. This was some kind of a sheep head stuck in a straw bale.

Then, we noticed it was part of something called a "corn maze." It is this common thing amount midwestern hoomans that happens during Autumn. They find it necessary to design mazes through cornfields and then try to get lost in them, as they "find their way out."

Here are some hoomans shelling corn with an antique sheller.

This little girl is trying her hand at roping the sheep head I described earlier. She wasn't very successful, but tried anyway!

We finally came across a map to tell us where we were. Not very far yet, Mother. Let's go.

Mother grew up on a farm and Grandfather always refers to this as "money." Looks like corn to me??

Along the trail, I hought I hit the mother lode. TENNIS BALLS!! Until I bit into one. Blech. Over ripe crab apples.

Finally, out of the cornfields and into the woods. OHHH the smells!!


Mother said that it was time to walk back as we had to go to our event in town. Booo. Also, she wasn't taking as many photos. We had hiked about 4 miles and SHE was getting tired.

So, we walked past the money again....

Mother, the trail seems to have gotten longer. Carry me.... WHAT? NO? Well....

Look one of the canal horses... perhaps he will give us a ride??

Mother just kept walking and we finally made it back to Metamora. It was good to see Grandmother and Grandfather at their store. More about the "event" in a later post.


Eric said...

Me first!woohoo!Thats a looooooooong walk on our ahem..little leggededs sam. No wonder you were tired.And no snackies on the way either to keep your strength up. I liked the squarie sheep though, must be some sort of relative of ours don't you think? can't wait to see what the vent was.

Fabbie to see you back again pal.Wiry wags, Eric x

the Corgi Girls said...

Great photos pups!!! Looks like a great time! We like the corn maize!

M & I

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom just loves that money/corn picture! It's gorgeous!
What a neat walkie you had, Sam!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

omdog that is so so much better than going to work. Mom went to one of those corn mazes once and she got freaked out! BOL!