Sunday, April 20, 2008


Hello everyone,

We had a fun filled weekend of agility. Unfortunately, no new photos to share, as Mother strictly stated that she could not run with us (oh, please.. she follows far behind because we are so much faster than she!) AND take photos.

Zorra had one qualifying run this weekend. It was all jumps, and she got 3rd place! She and mother were quite excited. She was even running in the rain! Now, Zorra does NOT like to get wet, so this was especially nice. But, when Zorra is in THE ZONE, there is no holding her back. She is like a pup possessed!

Although Katherine, nor I, had any qualifying runs, Mother was quite pleased with our performances. USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association) trials are very hard, with challenging courses, quick run times, and a good connection between dog and human required. We received several placement ribbons, however. And, we each had MOMENTS (especially me) of BRILLIANCE.


Mother only let me participate in two runs all weekend. So, I knew I had to put out my best effort. On Saturday, I was entered in a class called Tunnelers. OMD.. Was that FUN. I was supposed to run through a course of all tunnels. All together we were to crisscross through tunnels until we had done 15. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

Whenever I run, there is always a hush over the crowd followed by giggling. I just assume that is nervous laughter in anticipation of my performance. Mother was holding on to the scruff of my neck at the start line, and I think she was screaming "YOU WAIT! STAY! WAIT!" I said, Pish Posh and I started without her. She's too slow anyway. I ran quickly through the first tunnel. Then, I followed my mother's direction to the second. After which, she pointed to another tunnel and I thought NO. I do not want to go into that tunnel. I turned on a dime and went into the tunnel of my choice.

Well, I did not know that if I did not follow the course, there was a penalty. Both mother and I had to go to a box and Mother had to take a hula hoop and go through it, and I would have to go through it too. She was calling me over there and she stepped through the hoop as I watched, but I said that it was TOO boring, so I went to another tunnel. I heard as I went deep in the bowels of the tunnel, Mother laughing and saying that she couldn't go through the Hula Hoop that many times!!

I didn't like the sound of that. I felt it was going to be the end of my magnificent run, and we all know that would spoil everyone's fun, so I kicked on the afterburners and ran for another tunnel. I heard everyone laughing, and that just fueled me more. I ran into the huge tunnel that went up over itself like a pretzel. I had gone through this tunnel 3 times already, and I thought I had escaped my mother. But, as soon as I got to the end, SHE was there. I tried to turn and run, but she grabbed the stub of my tail and pulled me out.

She picked me up and carried me off, and the judge was laughing and said I had way too much fun. Well, obviously, I had not because I wanted to keep going!

Today, I met an old gentleman WFT named Cosmo. He was 15 years old and still had a spring to his step. He had been a great agility dog and was the very first WFT to receive his MACH II. That means he reached the highest level of AKC agility twice. I was very impressed.

Today, I ran snooker and I completed half the course before I got bored and started to run around on my own. The judge for this run said I had a lot of energy. But, my mother was very proud of me on this run and said I did a very good job, even if we didn't finish. So, that made me happy. Cosmo's dad watched me run too, and he said that he was reminded of Cosmo when he was a pup like me.

We had a great weekend, even if it rained a lot yesterday.


For all those who left kind comments on our blog for Lis and Diva there is now a website where you can post thoughts and wishes for them. Go here and leave them your thoughts and well wishes. I am sure that they will be appreciated.


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Oh, my gosh, your day does sound like fun! When I was younger I would have loved to run with you. Your mom must be very proud. Cooper

Amber-Mae said...

isn't it always fun to act like a goofball in the ring? Heeheehee! It's really much more entertaining & i think people enjoy watching us doing stoopid stuff than those who do it well. But congrats to Zorra!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Perfumes said...

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Blue said...

Well done Sam, glad you kept everyone entertained...

Gus said...

Don't those judges know that WFTs are bred to make people happy?


Gus said...

Don't those judges know that WFTs are bred to make people happy?


Agatha and Archie said...

You had PL2 giggling through your whole post! Love A+A

Joe Stains said...

omdog I would have loved to see video of you running wild in the tunnels! I bet it was hilarious!

Clover said...

Hi guys!
OMD Sam, sounds like you had so much fun!!
Congrats to all of you, and especially Zorra! Woohoo!
Love Clover xo

Jackson said...

Congrats Zorra! J1 really wishes she could see you perform Sam, cos she thinks we're kindred spirits! Hehehe! I think you're a real showman and a crowdpleaser! J x

Stanislaw said...

My brother used to LOVE running agility. Reading your blog made him very jealous! We have since moved to a big city and it's tough to get to an agility class around here... especially since they don't look too fondly on cocker spaniels on public transportation. (Riding in cars and trains makes me vomit anyway.)

Great blog!