Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good fur gone bad

Hi Kids.... I am blogging today because Zorra is a little under the weather and Sam is a bit beside himself. You see, he got a bad fur cut at the spaw. Normally, I am not one to stand up for Sammie, as he is my brother and annoys me. But, I will give him some slack this time only.

Mom didn't really notice the spots of fur that were longer, shorter, and shaved too close for a couple of days. But, then we noticed! I thought it was funny and started to really laugh. Sam got a bit cross with me, and I sorta backed off. Mom told him that it would grow back in no time. Everyone gets a bad "do" occasionally.

Then, Sam read Jackson's blog and how he had some poodle legs, etc., and Sam decided that it was OK to have a few bald spots. He was supporting our pal Jackson.

But, then, if it couldn't get any worse for old Sammie. He got in some cockleburs. Mom had to cut this one out of his mustache. Now, he really looks weird. She tried trimming up the other side to match. I think it's pretty much a lost cause. But, hey.. I am his sister and I can say that kinda thing.

Zorra hasn't been feeling well today, but she got better later on. She stayed mostly on her fuzzy bed. She got up and played with me later this afternoon. I was glad, because I had to play with Sammie. Yuck.

These guys have worn me out today. But, tomorrow is another day and that is GREAT!


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
Sure Sam feels fine knowing that he supports Jackson with his hair cut! That what friends do!
I hope Zorra is feeling better by now!
Have a good night

Lacy said...

woofies Zorra, Katie and Sam!!! me hopies zorra iz feelin betters...and i fink Sam lookies grate, glad me nots haff to gets shaved..the baff, ear cleanin and toenail cuttin iz enuff...

b safe,

Jackson said...

Ooooo, Sam! Thank you for supporting me with my shaved bits. I hope your bald bits aren't too itchy. Don't worry, it'll grow back for both of us and we're STILL handsome dudes even when we're having a bad hair day.

Hope Zorra is feeling better now.

J x

Blue said...

Hi there

I think its very commendable of Sam supporting Jackson, with his shaved bits!!!

Hope little Zorro's fine now.

Pats & pets to all

Agatha and Archie said...

What a kid..supporting Jackson!!! What's a few bald spots!! Those burrs however are killers!! We went for a walk awhile ago and were COVERED in them...they are NOT fun to have so we are commiserating!!!! WE think you look lovely...Love A+A

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey, this is our first time to your blog, and the view someone posted of your south end traveling north is enlightening. Don't, don't go to our blog for at least a week till Scruffy's anterior south end has sunk into blog history. It was Seymour's fault...Jackson't wheeled stuffie who's visiting us.

That's pawsome of you to support the Jackster! I'm on my way over now...I'm a student nurse so I'm going to go and take care of him.

Come and visit, at ur own risk.

Lakie barks, Lacie

Gus said...

Sam...glad to hear that Zorra is feeling a bit better and sorry about your hair cut. All of us WFT seem to attract crazed groomers. Wonder if it is something we do to them?

muzt consider

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

aawww hope Zorra is feelin better. oh and always good to have suppport during hair cut time cos ya never know...

Lots of Love Licks Tx Trio wagging tails in support of bad hair days, may they be few

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Doggies! Nice to meet you. Too bad about the do. Good thing fur grows back.


TH said...

Hi Katie, Zorra and Sam!
Zorra, I hope you feeling better now!
Sam, don´t worry, your hair will grow soon!

Love and licks