Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am back.

HI Everyone.

First, I would like to thank everybody who asked about me lately. I was a little sick for a few days, but I went to the doc-tor and he gave me some stuff to make me feel lots better.

I know that Sammie is mad bacawse he didn't get to go nowhere over the weekend. And, he started his own club. Well, our kitty brother Harley didn't want to join, and now Sammie has no one to be in the club wif him. Katie told him he didn't have club if he was the only member. I dont know if that is true. She put a big circle on his sign and now he's mad. So, I will just stay owt of it.

Katie went to a 'gility seminar wif mom. They were werking on how to get better at runnin an stuff. They had a good time, and were gone all day. Katie came back and went right to sleep. She sed she got lots of treats for being good and she got so see some of our 'gility friendz at the seminar.

I went to an 'gility trial and I did good. My mommie said she would take a pitcher of me wif my ribbons later. Until then, here is a pitcher that one of our 'gility friends took of me last summer.

I will show you the ribbons I won as soon as mommie gets around to taking my pitcher. I hope Sammie didn't bury mommie's camera!


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Guys....Great 'gility pix...!! Mumsie better start lettin' us do something...well...me...I would be an amazing agility dog...if there were no other dogs around to sniff my netherregions, causing me to try and fite em. Funny, I let Lacie sniff em...but NO strangers.

I think Lacie at 10 lbs would make a great K9 dog with the police dept. She is such a b***h....Daddy calls her a little spitfire...I call her "The Pain."

Goota go and pack for camp. For some unknown reason, Mumsie decided this would be a great nite to undercoat rake (aka torture) Lac and me. The pile of fur she got out was almost as big as Lacie. Makes me sneeze....ACHOOO!

Happy Turkey hunting!!! Scufffy

Joe Stains said...

that gility stuff looks fun, but Mom said we don't really listen so well so I don't know how good at it we would be.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

I am so glad you are feelin better!

Your photos are funny! Not sure whether I would be any good at the gility stuff, I am easily distracted.

My Jeannie says I am a dog of little brain (but what does she know, being a hoooooman!)

love and many licks, your friend in Scotland, Marvin xxxxx

TH said...

Glad you feeling better! I love agility, although not to be making lately! But I go to come back!

Lots of licks!