Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chrissymas Shopping

Mommi has left the howse to go Chrissymas shopping, so it was my turn to do some bloggin'. We had a couple tags to catch up on. We did this one before, but we all, (including mommi) on did 2 so we decided we would do it again for fun. It was from our cute little caption lovin' pal Balboa.

Me: (this is one of the first photos that mommi took of me when I came to live with her. I'm the cutest!)

1. I am gettin' ready for my first competition in flyball. We are goin' to a race/meet in January in Michigan. I'm tryin' not to think 'bout it too much or I will get nervous.

2. When we go to 'gility trials I make my mommi cawwy me 'round a lot becawse I get nervous. Mommi is tryin to help me not get so nervous all the time by teachin me sum tricks to keep my mind off it.


This is a photo Mommi took right after she found Katie.

1. Katie is boss, right after mommi. We haf to lissen to her, or we get in twouble. She keeps us all in line so it doesn't get too crazy around here. Katie don't like kay-oz too much. Sometimes, she even tries to boss doggies we don't know, too.

2. Katie wants to be a therapy dog and go into nursing homes and visit the people there. We did that when our granma was in the nursing home and Katie loved going up to anyone who needed a smile or needed her to do a flashy trick.


Here is Sammie right after he came to live wif us.

1. Sammie came to live with us because he heard how much fun we had doing stuff. He still gets to see his other family sometimes.

2. Sammie doesn't like to get up in the morning, and mommi has to go drag him out of bed if it is still really dark out. Oh, does that make mommi mad! He He He. Sammie says that he doesn't see the need to rise before dawn.


This is just one of mommi's fav pics that she has taken.

1. Got a new i-pod touch that I think she likes more than me. But, she shows her friends all our photos on it, so I guess that is OK. She puts it way up where we can't get to it and chew on it. That makes us mad!

2. Lets us all sit with her on the couch and watch tv. We all race to see who will get to sit next to her first. Normally, if we all want to sit next to mommi, Katie and I sit on each side of her and Sammie sits on her lap.

The next tag was from Ben Ben.

It was for 7 annoyances. We will do this all together.

1. When mommi says ALL GONE. What is up with that??!! What do you mean all gone. Go get more treats, we know that there are more!

2. When mommi goes somewhere with out us. It can't be too much fun to go anywhere without puppies? What is up with that? Katie gets really mad and sulks. Sammie practically hurls himself against the wall and cries like a little baby. I just curl up in a ball and wait until I hear mommi come back.

3. The trashman, loud trucks, loud cars, sirens in the middle of the night. We have to bark if we hear those things. We wanna make sure that they aren't coming here!

4. Anyone else who is getting attention from mommi and it isn't me!

5. When mommi hogs the 'puter and won't let us blog!

6. Rain. (well, that is my annoyance. Katie and Sammie don't mind rain so much).

7. Not having the most comfortable spot to take a nap. Meaning... someone beat us to it.


Amber-Mae said...

Hey guys! Congrats on your 2nd attempt on getting on the compooter while your mom's fast asleep, hehehe!

Oh Zorra, you sure was a cutie! I don't like the word 'Finish' coz that means, no more. No more food I mean... Thanks for sharing all those facts with us!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

TH said...

Hi Zorra, Katie and Sam,

Success! You´re using the computer again! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing those facts, I adore to read about you!

Lots of lics

Lenny said...

Sam, I hate getting up early too. Maybe it's a WFT thing? I loooove to sleep in.

Your friend, Lenny

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi friendzees you got it going on. Snaggin the computer again! Oh and love the baby pics

Lots of Love Licks & waggin tails

Blue said...

Hi There!

Have just read your last two posts!
LOL still...
Keep up the good work re-the computor - it's good to have you around again!

Pats & pets

Lacy said...

woofies Katie, Zorra and Sam, bout time u guys gots back to bloggin...heehee tell mama iffin she not let u blog, santapaws is watchin...

b safe,