Saturday, December 29, 2007

Total Disregard

I must let you know how irritated that I am with my mother. On Thursday, she left us for the ENTIRE day. She left early in the morning, and did not return until very, very late. She left our Auntie in charge (hurumph to that).

At any rate, I am not a fan of Mother leaving the house at ALL, without us. First, how do we know that she won't get lost. She's not the brightest bulb in the pack, shall we say. We were worried sick over her absence. And, due to the stress of her being away and to show her how much I appreciated it, I left her a nice "surprise" right where she would see it. I shan't go into what the "surprise" was, but it was rather smelly. BOL. That got a rise out of the old girl when she got home.

Upon inspection, we deduced that she had been in the presence of ANOTHER DOG in her travels!! Upon further inspection, we sniffed that he was a wired haired daschund. Sniff, sniff... whose name was Bosco. Sniff, sniff, snort, who she thought was extremely cute!! WE thought she was only going to be gone a short time to visit her old college roomate who was in town for only a few days. She told us NOTHING of meeting another DOG. Again, Hurmph.

She had also been to a variety of locations, a restaurant, someone's home, and a bar listening to a band. It is amazing what Katherine, Zorra, and I can sniff out, but we sniffed our mother for quite a while and then compared notes.

So, now I have been making a nusiance of myself lately. I follow her everywhere she goes. I even wait by the door of the rainmaker in the bathroom. How come she is allowed to go out in the rain and I am not?! It doesn't seem fair. And, there's plenty of rain outside to use, but she's a wimp and wants WARM rain.

Which brings me to another point, I have NOT been allowed to go out and make mud pies in over a week. It's always run, run, run, do my business and then run back in. No frolicking, no dancing in the mud, no having fun.

Right now, our mother is trying to make amends and fix some treats for us. Actually, I think we are going to be the test dogs for a recipe she is trying out. Next week, we have a party to go to for our flyball team. We will let you know later if it was edible.

Right now, I think I will go sit on her feet so she cannot go anywhere without ME! I am still very upset with her, and may have to bring it up with Katherine and Zorra that Mother again needs to be grounded.


Asta said...

Katie Zorra and Sam!
How could she!!!??????????????leaving you AND seeing anothew doggie???not faiw..I would gwound hew fow suwe!!!
I hope the tweats tuw out OK and that you had a wondewful Chwissmuss!!!
I wish all of you and youw Mom a vewy Happy and HEALTHY New Yeaw!!!!
smochie kisses

Joe Stains said...

Your Mother sounds as though she needs to be sent to bed with no treats!! GOod job making the stain, its a GREAT way to communicate your irritation!

Anonymous said...

Well on the bright side at least she managed to find her way home - but leaving to go and liaise with another dog is just the worst thing the humans can do.

Hopefully the treats are amazing and make up for it a bit and you get to go out and play in the mud too.

Luv River

the Corgi Girls said...


Come on, come all...

To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

(sleepovers welcome)

Amber-Mae said...

he needs to be under house arrest. You know one of those remote controlled bands that Britney Sprox & Paris Hilton wore? She needs one of those strapped & glued onto her leg just to make sure that she doesn't quietly walk out of the house to go & see another doggie & go pawty with her friends. What notty mommy she has been!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Lacy said...

woofies Sam, Katie and Zorra!!! hmmm its jus not fair when dey leaf us all alone..dont dey no makes our MINDS wonder...u shood milk it fur all u can get...hmmm and went to sees another dog..jus sooo unfair...

b safe,

Agatha and Archie said...

The NERVE of her! Ours do that too.We find that it is more annoying to leave something of hte wet nature....Try that too!! We see the party but we don't know thses kids..Think we can crash?? Love A+A

Lorenza said...

I just can imagine how mad you are with your mom! she deserves a good barking from you!
sure everything will be forgoten with some yummy treats! You deserve them!
Have a good night

Jackson said...

Hey pal, good work on the stain. It's always good to show your disapproval when you've been left for a while. I try and ignore J1 & J2 but somehow I never manage to last more than about 20 seconds! J x

Balboa & Mommy said...

how horrible for you, you poor thing. I hope your mom has learned her lesson!!!

Happy New Year to you & your family

Frenchie Snorts