Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hi everybody! Everyone else is owtside playin', but I am in wif my mommie for a little bit. She's off doin' something else and I got on the 'puter wifout her knowin.

Here is a funny pic of Katie when she was throwin' a fit one day. She will be mad when she finds out dat I posted. But, I don't care. It is funny.

She wuz mad about sumthin'. Katie is a drama queen. She's gonna be really mad when she finds out Sammie gets to go to an agility trial all by hisself. It is a teacup trial for little dogs. He says he isn't a little dog, but he is. He fits under the max height. You have to be under 17" tall at the shoulder. I am too tall by 1/2 inch. :( Katie is really, really too big. And, boy is she gonna be mad. Sammie will prolly blurt it out, and then there will be a big fight. That won't be good.

We been gettin' a lot of new friends, and everyone is happy about that. We like makin new pals and such.

We didn't get to go nowhere yesterday. We jest stayed at home all day. We thought for sure we were gonna get to go somewhere, but mommie never left. We was outside playin' all day because it was so nice. We were playing wif 2 of our cousins, Honeycomb and Calvin. Mommie said we should stay outside and play because it was nice weather. We had fun, but we wanted to be inside wif mommie. She prolly wuz gettin' lonely and all.

Drat, mommie came back and said it is time to go outside with everyone else. She has to use the puter for werk. She werks from home and sometimes has to werk on the weekend. ;( Poor mommie.

Hi to all our pals and we will talk to you later.


Amber-Mae said...

Wow! You guys get to go to alot of agility trials eh? Must be alot of fun for you three... I'll be sooo pooped if I was as busy as you guys.

Btw, are you a member of DWB?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

William Tell said...

That's my idea of a perfect day -- staying home with The Family and playing out in the yard. It's the perfect weather for it.

William Tell