Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sam's rantings

Oh, hello everyone. Sam, here. Katherine is lounging on the sofa, and I am hacking into her blog to give it credence and a sense of style.

Over the past weekend, we all attended an agility tournament, in which I was the star by far. I gracefully completed a USDAA Snooker run with ease and earned a Qualifying score. I had a wonderful time running through the course, although it is not exactly how my mother intended, nor how she directed. However, pish posh!!! I plotted a much better course, and managed to complete it successfully and within the allotment of time! It was my first USDAA qualifying score, and my mother seemed quite proud and slightly out of breath. The poor girl just couldn't keep up with me. She will need to work on that.

Katherine also had three qualifying scores, completing two of her USDAA titles and will move up to PII in Gamblers and Pairs. She also had a qualifying score in Snooker. Our mother seemed quite pleased with her performance, but I could point out criticisms and points to work on, if only Katherine would listen.

Little Zorra had quite a show, but she did not have any qualifying runs this time. In my opinion, our mother was the cause of this. She zigged when she should have zagged and caused Zorra stress. I must talk to mother about this, as Zorra also wants to "Q" in USDAA.

I must bid you adieu for now, as Katherine is perhaps waking up from a nap.


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Hey Sam, nice to meet you. I hope you manage to sneak on this blog often! Jx