Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Humans are bizarre

I am posting as my mother is finally asleep. In browsing the internet, I found this silly, silly site. What is up with that? Why would you wear MEAT on your HEAD. Seriously, maybe some of these silly humans can explain this to me??!!

Crikey! I would prefer dining on the meat. These humans on the site are definitely off their trolley. They are totally out of their gourds! I must stop thinking about all that meat on a silly human's head! If I should see someone with meat on their head, I would have to simply jump up, grab it and run off, eating as I go. (I am quite good at that). On to other topics before I go totally insane over this meat matter.........

I went to visit my grandparents at their store in Metamora, Indiana. I love to go visit my grandparents, especially my grandmother and I love to give her lots of smoooches. The reason for our trip was that my mother was assisting putting up fall decorations. I wanted to help, too.

Here I am taking the corn stalk to my mother....

Oh, she is not ready for it yet. I will just carry it around.....

This corn stalk is becoming rather unruly!!!

I will need to teach this corn stalk a lesson!!

AH HA I have tamed the wild beast!!

OOOPS.. maybe mother will not notice the broken cornstalk?! (wire smile)


Jackson said...

Hey Sam, it's funny how things quite often seem to break when we're around itsn't it? It's never our fault of course, things just happen! J X

Agatha and Archie said...

She will NEVER notice...tee hee..Love A+A

William Tell said...

What would she do with your help. You put the perfect touch to that decoration. hee hee

William Tell

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