Monday, October 22, 2007

Agility night

Hi. As all you guys know by now, we like agility. On Mondays, we borrow Grandma and Grandpa's van because our cuz Calvin also comes with us. We meet our Auntie at agility class. Calvin just started a few months ago, and he is learning how to be an agility dog, too. We all get in the van with mom and we try to be as good as we can. Sometimes, when we are good, we get a treat in the car. Today we got chicken and we all liked it a lot.

Tonight Z and I went to our agility class. We did GREAT. We love Mondays because we get to see all our friends. We all sniff each other to see what everyone has been doing, and then we wait our turn to take a run. Sometimes my mom messes up and Auntie Sharon, who is our teacher, makes her do it over. HE HE HE. I, of course, always do it correctly because I am GREAT. My mom is a little slow at picking up where the course is sometimes.

I ran really fast because my mom was yelling and running with me, and I like that. I call it "runnin' loud and proud." I like running fast and LOUD. I did the weaves really, really fast and everyone clapped because I was GREAT.

Auntie Sharon also makes her own treats which all us doggies die for. No one else can make them like her, and we are so lucky when she gives us some in class. We all go nuts for them. They taste so good. She makes them out of liver and sometimes she puts cheese in with them, too.

Zorra was in the class after mine, and she did GREAT, too. She's not as good as me yet, but she is working on it. She doesn't like the teeter too much, but she really tried hard to get faster on it tonight.

The only bad part about tonight is that it is raining, and it rained all the way to class and back. It made me sleepy watching the raindrops. But, I don't sleep in the car. Mom needs help driving. I am not sure she knows how to get home, so I keep a close watch on where we are. When we get close to someplace that I like, I start wagging my tail so she knows that we should slow down and turn in. Zorra, she likes to sleep in the car.

Oh, by the way, I did not harm Sam when I found out he was going to an agility trial and I wasn't. He's just a little pip-squeak and I told him so. We did get into a little tiff because he took my favorite toy and would not give it back. So, we had a "disagreement." We were working it out amongst ourselves, but mom came and took the toy away and put it up. Now, no one has it. Gee, thanks Sammie. :( She'll probably forget about it and let ME have it later.

Sammie is sort of cross tonight because he doesn't get to go on Mondays. Mom told him he had to babysit for Honeycomb, our littlest cousin. Sammie cried when we left and it always makes mom feel really sad when she hears him cry. I always say... "Shake it off - It's OUR time to rock and roll." But, she give Sam some special time alone after we come back, so he likes that.

Well doggie bloggie friends, I must sign off because I am very tired. It's time to catch some zzzzzzzsss.


Jackson said...

All that talk about agility is making me tired. Yawn! Those treats sound pawsome... Jx

Agatha and Archie said...

I think we(or maybe just Agatha as I am a clutz) will have to try agility. We did great at our Earthdog event!! We get to do the Junior level next!!(bring on those rats) Love A+A

William Tell said...

Whoa, you mean you have to follow a pattern when you're running at the trials? You can't just point your nose "that way" and run like the wind?

This sounds like it requires a little thinking on your part to get it right. Might be hard work, huh? I don't think I've ever tried to think and run at the same time, I just GO. Hmmmm...I'd better start paying attention when Mom yells at me.

William Tell

(Tell's Mom here: I only yell because he doesn't listen when he's running away. What's your trick???)