Saturday, October 20, 2007


Oh, last night I had a splendid time at agility class. We were unable to attend our Thursday class, as it is held outside and it was raining dreadfully. But, on Fridays, I attend an agility class, alone, with my mother. It is inside, so we always have class. My sisters normally have Flyball class immediately following, but they did not have class last evening. It was just a delightful time alone with my mother.

I love to go to class and meet with all my girlfriends. Often, as it was last night, I am the only male there. (Heaven for me). I have so many lovely ladies to choose from to adore with my affection. However, I am puzzled as to why some of the ladies just walk on by. I am doing my very best tricks for them, but they stroll on. I am just assuming that is a matter of age with some of them, as I am the youngest in class.

But, last night, a little corgi, Maizee, whom I have been chasing for quite some time allowed a kiss. I was elated. I think I have won her over. I do hope she does not talk to her sister corgi, Poppi Sue, who was at class last weekend. Poppi Sue allowed me to kiss her last week. I do hope I do not cause strife.

Oh, what am I saying?! I tried to kiss all the girls last night. I was just sooo happy to see them after an entire week. Danni, (a min pin) did not care for my advances at all. I was quite puzzled as to her mood, but her mother said not to worry about it. She was just a bit cross. I tried to inquire as to why, but Danni only scoffed at me some more.

My agility runs were spectacular. I ran and jumped magnificiently. I even jumped, with ease, a jump that was at 22" that was quite tall for me. I can compete with the big dogs, if they would only let me.

When I arrived back home, my sisters were very distraught that I was allowed to go without them. I tried to explain calmly and rationally that their Flyball class was canceled, but they surmised that it was a conspiracy, and I had somehow had tricked mother. Luckily, mother had some wits about her last night and explained to the girls that there was no class for them, but we could all go next week. I think that Katherine doesn't exactly trust me. (Wire grin)

I wonder what joys will be in store for us all today. We all will blog about it later!


Amber-Mae said...

Hi Katy, Zora & Sam! I am sooo glad to have find you guys becoz you three love to do things & that I enjoy doing too... Agility & Canine Freestyle!!! I found you in Jackson's blog & when I saw a pic of you(Sam) in that tunnel, I knew I had to visit your bloggie.

I actually do OB too & I'm now in Intermediate level but mommy has decided to give it a break coz I was errr...*ahem* not doing soooo well. So, we decided to try Agility & Flyball instead. I much prefer Flyball becoz I get to step on a paddle & catch my tennis ball, woohoo! I don't have the speed though. Not like you three speedsters. So i just play these two sports for fun. I do dancing too & recently I just did the 'Grease' routine that Rookie & Carolyn did four years ago. It's a special tribute to them both cow we love them to bits!!! Unfortunately, I'm Malaysia's only dancing Golden. There's no other here for me to compete with & no competitions like in your country. Very sad... So i just perform during events as demos that's all.

Out of the four sports that I do, I prefer dancing that anything else! What about you guys? Anyway, have added you three as my friend. Will visit your bloggie often that's for sure! Hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Jackson said...

Hey Sam, it seems that you're a bit of a ladies' man! I'm not much of a hit with the ladies; my girlfriend Molly the Irish Terrier tends to bully me a bit (but don't tell anyone).

I see that some of my pals have been dropping by to say hello. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends! J x

William Tell said...

Don't feel bad, Sam. I get scoffed at alot, too, until they get to know me better. Some girls are a little reserved like by sis Glynn. Just keep smiling, and they won't be able to resist you. :)

William Tell